List of Top PCB Prototyping Manufacturers

In the field of PCB manufacturing, cost, time, and quality are paramount considerations. However, in large-scale projects, before formal mass production, it is often necessary to manufacture prototype PCB, also known as sample boards. These boards have a higher unit price and take more time but are considered essential. They serve a role in testing, validating, and modifying designs. Through prototypes, problems can be discovered and addressed early, ensuring the final product meets design requirements.

To assist you in better managing costs and time during the prototyping phase, TechSparks has compiled a list of top global PCB prototype manufacturers. This resource can provide reliable support for your project, helping you choose the right partners and ensuring a smooth and efficient prototyping phase.

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Best Prototype PCB Manufacturer


EMS manufacturer address: Guangdong, China

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +86-769-81222003

  EMS manufacturer website :

MorePCB is a comprehensive manufacturer headquartered in China, specializing in providing comprehensive PCB prototype services. They deliver fast and high-quality prototyping services to customers through efficient manufacturing processes and cutting-edge technological equipment. With a professional team and advanced technology, they can reduce the prototyping time to just 1-3 days, significantly shortening time-to-market for products and enhancing brand competitiveness.

Viasion Technology Co. Ltd Logo

Viasion Technology

EMS manufacturer address: Shenzhen, China

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 0086-755-26735910

  EMS manufacturer website :

Viasion Technology, established in 2007, specializes in small to medium batch production, giving the company a unique advantage in the prototype manufacturing field. Always striking the optimal balance between rapid turnover and cost control, Viasion Technology stands out with commitments to delivering bare boards within 24 hours and PCB assembly within 2 days. After years of accumulation and development, Viasion Technology has achieved ISO9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 certifications, and UL certification. The company is equipped with various advanced facilities, and a comprehensive range of testing procedures ensures the reliable quality of your prototype PCB boards.

MacroFab logo


EMS manufacturer address: Jalisco, Mexico

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 832-924-0146

  EMS manufacturer website :

MacroFab is a Mexico-based PCBA manufacturer specializing in turnkey services. As a mature enterprise, their goal is to help customers expedite the design process, achieve faster iterations, and build higher-quality products. Choosing MacroFab as your PCB prototype supplier provides real-time dynamic pricing and part availability. The platform is compatible with leading EDA tools, facilitating seamless design integration. With a user-driven platform, you can stay informed about the progress of your new design projects in real-time.

circuithub logo


EMS manufacturer address: Massachusetts USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +1 617 401 0319

  EMS manufacturer website :

Despite being a young company, CircuitHub offers highly competitive prices and delivery times as short as 3 days through its prototype services. To expedite project progress, CircuitHub provides a convenient online self-service platform. Simply upload your files, and you can receive a project quote within minutes, enabling your project to enter the market more quickly. In terms of quality, each order from CircuitHub comes with a process guarantee, and in the unfortunate event of errors, free repairs are provided within one year.



EMS manufacturer address: Huizhou, China

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 86-755-2335 9039

  EMS manufacturer website :

A-TECH CIRCUITS is a leading PCB manufacturer with over 20 years of manufacturing experience, specializing in meeting the needs of 1-30 layer circuit board prototype projects with the fastest delivery times and highly competitive prices. They meticulously control every detail of the manufacturing process, ensuring no time is wasted. A-TECH CIRCUITS offers delivery times of 24 hours for double-sided PCB, 48 hours for 4 to 6 layer PCB, and 72 hours for 8 layers or more.

How to Choose PCB Prototyping Services


When it comes to prototyping projects, lead time can be an important factor above all else. Typically, prototyping marks the initial stage of a new project, aiming to validate the reasonability of the PCB design and detect potential flaws. This iterative process of optimization, modification, and upgrading can consume a significant amount of time, ultimately impacting the product’s time-to-market and, consequently, its competitiveness. Therefore, when selecting prototype manufacturing services, it is essential to discuss and contractually define production and delivery timelines with the manufacturer to allocate responsibilities. Two recommendations are provided:

  • Opt for local production to minimize time losses during transportation.
  • Manufacture multiple PCB prototype boards to mitigate the risk of transportation-related issues.


For any product, there is a common characteristic: the larger the order quantity, the lower the unit price. Therefore, compared to mass production projects, the cost of prototyping is significantly higher. On one hand, there are operational costs. Regardless of the production volume, manufacturers need to use equipment for production. After production, maintaining the equipment leads to increased operational costs, which are passed on to the customer. Additionally, the modern electronics manufacturing industry uses intelligent equipment to reduce labor costs. This process involves inputting manufacturing data into the equipment. However, for prototyping, certain stages may involve manual work to expedite project progress, resulting in increased labor costs. Moreover, PCB manufacturing is done in panel form, where multiple PCB are integrated onto one panel. However, since prototypes don’t require a large quantity of boards, it leads to material wastage. The end result is that the unit price of prototype PCB may be several times that of mass production. Therefore, the following recommendations are provided:

  • Compare prices from multiple manufacturers to get prototype PCB quotes and assess the prices.
  • Consider manufacturers in regions with lower labor costs, such as China or India.
  • Prioritize functional verification to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Consider a balance between comprehensive services and pricing.

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