3 Top Desktop PCB Printers

Traditional PCB manufacturing involves using a multitude of equipment to complete each step. While this approach requires manufacturers to invest significantly, it enables large-scale production to be completed in a short time. However, in the early stages of a project, large-scale production is typically unnecessary, and prototyping is needed to validate designs. In such cases, starting up large-scale equipment entails the same startup and maintenance costs as large-scale production. So, is there a solution to this problem?

PCB printers offer the perfect solution. They utilize additive manufacturing to complete the entire manufacturing process. With these devices, you can convert designs into complete PCBs in a short time with just a few clicks of the mouse. This not only achieves rapid turnaround but also reduces overall manufacturing costs. In this article, TechSparks will introduce three top desktop PCB printers and help you find the printing tool that best suits your needs by analyzing their pros and cons.


BotFactory SV2

The SV2, developed by BotFactory, is a desktop-level 3D inkjet PCB printer. In addition to meeting multi-layer requirements, it can also perform component pick-and-place tasks. The automation features equipped in the SV2 device enable precise control of the print head’s position and ink deposition, thereby achieving high-precision printing.


8 million (200 microns) minimum trace width

300 inkjet nozzles

1-6 layer PCB boards

Max print area of 4.6 inches x 5.5 inches (117mm x 140mm) [X/Y]

Minimum pin pitch of 24 mil (600 microns) – 16 mil (400 microns)


Compatible with any CAD tool

Offers three product models to choose from

Meets all requirements from concept to PCBA board

Complete circuit fabrication process in just 30 minutes


Unable to handle packages involving 0402 and 0201 components

ProtoMat S104

ProtoMat S104

The ProtoMat S104 is a high-precision, high-performance device dedicated to prototype PCB manufacturing, developed and manufactured by LPKF Laser & Electronics AG. It adopts advanced numerical control technology and laser cutting technology, making it one of the most prominent desktop circuit board printer options for RF and microwave applications.


Spindle speed of 100,000 rpm

20 tool positions

Minimum drill bit diameter of 0.2 mm

Max board size of 4”x6”

Maximum copper thickness of 2 ounces (70 microns)

Can be used for processing substrate materials such as fiberglass, PTFE, ceramic polyimide, etc.


Prototyping can be completed in a few hours

Highly flexible and easy-to-use system software

Top-level model with fully automated operation

Visual target recognition system and granite base ensure high precision

Commercial-grade circuit printer machine


May not be worth it for hobbyists, as the equipment’s price is as high as $20,000, while customizing a 2-layer board costs only $30


Voltera V-One

The V-One, released by Voltera, is a user-friendly PCB printer, reflected in its price and user experience. If you need products with higher specifications and capabilities, you can choose Voltera’s latest product, NOVA.


Minimum trace width of 0.2 mm

Substrate thickness of 3 mm

2mil drill bits, +/- 4mil accuracy

0.5 mm pin pitch


Extremely low price, costing less than $5000

Solder paste is directly dispensed onto the PCB without the need for templates

Four-in-one functionality meets the needs of most users

Intellectual property is fully retained internally

USB connection


Difficult to achieve more precise PCB prototyping, and the speed may be slower compared to other products.


The emergence of PCB printers not only accelerates the iteration speed of electronic products but also enables enthusiasts to manufacture as they wish. In addition to these printers, there are many more options available on the market. Choose the one that suits your needs best.

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3 Top Desktop PCB Printers

The article outlines three desktop PCB printers: BotFactory’s SV2, LPKF’s ProtoMat S104, and Voltera’s V-One. These devices streamline prototyping, offering precision control and rapid turnaround.

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