Top PCB Manufacturers in World

Outsourcing PCB manufacturing activities to professional manufacturers has become a crucial strategy for enterprise development. By entrusting professional experts with specialized tasks, enterprises can reduce operating costs and concentrate on their core strengths, such as marketing or R&D. However, with the annual import and export volume of printed circuit boards exceeding 70 billion, the market has become highly competitive, attracting numerous companies vying for a share of this lucrative industry.

Which ones are reliable among many PCB manufacturers? And how should we choose? TechSparks presents the most comprehensive list of reputable PCB manufacturers, offering a range of options to suit different needs. Whether you require expertise in a specific field, cost-effective solutions, or a one-stop electronic solution, you will find the perfect match within our carefully curated list.

Comprehensive PCB Manufacturer List

largest Asian factory JLCPCB


EMS manufacturer addressShenzhen, China

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +852 54210550

  EMS manufacturer website :

JLCPCB has the largest PCB factory in Asia, this company is undeniably the industry leader, known by almost all professionals engaged in printed circuit boards and related industries. On their website, you can gain a clear understanding of their manufacturing capabilities and get the lowest quotations available.

Top PCB Manufacturer PCBway


EMS manufacturer addressShenzhen, China

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +86 571 8531 7532

  EMS manufacturer website :

It is an advanced circuit board manufacturer that offers enticing options, including 3D printing, laser cutting, and design support. If you are an enthusiast or a student looking for affordable services, you can contact PCBWay and help their promotional project to receive a $50 commission.

printed circuit board manufacturers


EMS manufacturer addressShenzhen, China

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +86 – (0) 755-2330-0601

  EMS manufacturer website :

PCBGOGO is a brand under the umbrella of JieDuBang Technology Co., Ltd., which also includes “PCBWay,” “JieDuBang,” and “JieChuang Electronics.” With several years of experience in the PCB industry, it is a trustworthy option for users. Although being an online quoting PCB manufacturer, it has received some criticism from users for having higher prices. However, many users still choose it due to its ability to produce higher quality circuit boards.

America's Most Famous PCB Manufacturer Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuit

EMS manufacturer addressColorado, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 1-800-979-4722

  EMS manufacturer website :

Advanced Circuits, also known as 4PCB, is the third-largest printed circuit board manufacturer in the United States. While it may not be the most cost-effective option, the products it produces are undoubtedly of the highest quality. Additionally, if your project is still in its early stages, leveraging 4PCB’s 24-hour customer service, professional PCB Artist design software, and free file checks can make your project progress more smoothly.

Top Canadian PCB manufacturer Camptech II Circuits Inc.

Camptech II Circuits Inc.

EMS manufacturer addressOntario, Canada

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : (905) 477-8790

  EMS manufacturer website :

Camptech II Circuits Inc. has over 40 years of manufacturing and service experience, engaging in all projects from prototype manufacturing to medium-batch production. They have their own electronic PCB factories in both Canada and the United States, enabling rapid turnaround for your projects. In terms of quality assurance, they not only make verbal assurances but also provide a 90-day valid warranty policy and support warranty claims.

good pcb board manufacturer rayming


EMS manufacturer addressShenzhen, China

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +86-755-27348087

  EMS manufacturer website :

As a global leading PCB board manufacturer, Rayming Technology focuses on high-end board production and can handle PCB manufacturing activities ranging from 1 to 56 layers. Whether you require HDI, high-frequency circuits, or rigid-flex combinations, they can accommodate your needs. Despite their website not appearing as professional as other manufacturers, this is all done to enhance their visibility and presence before you.

top printed circuit board supplier


EMS manufacturer addressHangzhou, China

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +86 181 0659 4443

  EMS manufacturer website :

In the Internet era, using new media to promote a company has become a key factor for success. ALLPCB has gained widespread recognition through its powerful promotional capabilities and various exquisite videos. However, this does not mean they are all show and no substance. As a circuit board company, they also possess strong manufacturing capabilities.

With automated facilities set up in Anhui, Jiangxi, and other regions, they can handle all aspects of business, from PCB to PCBA. Additionally, their independently developed online system and collaborative production facilities allow them to maintain high efficiency in handling bulk orders.

electronic pcb board manufacturer pcbunlimited

PCB Unlimited

EMS manufacturer addressOregon, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +1 800-348-9250

  EMS manufacturer website :

As a growing electronic PCB board manufacturer, PCB Unlimited doesn’t have a large workforce, but with its excellent service and products, it is believed to experience rapid development and expansion in the coming years. For customers with simple board requirements and fast turnaround needs, their US factory will directly serve you, ensuring prototype production is completed within 24 hours. For higher-density boards, they will collaborate with manufacturers in China to assist in completing the production projects.

printed circuit boards suppliers Sierra Circuits_

Sierra Circuits

EMS manufacturer addressCalifornia, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +1 (800) 763-7503

  EMS manufacturer website :

A printed circuit board supplier established in 1986, providing online quoting services. As a blogger, even though I don’t need PCB services, I genuinely admire this company, especially the professional content they publish on their website, which must be curated by the most skilled PCB engineers. However, despite this, we can still find some negative reviews about Sierra Circuits on the internet. For instance, former employees of the company have expressed that while the company is strong, its management leaves much to be desired.

top pcb manufacturing factory moko technology

MOKO Technology

EMS manufacturer addressShenzhen, China

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 86-75523573370

  EMS manufacturer website :

It is a global leading EMS  provider, offering comprehensive services such as turnkey PCBA manufacturing, complete system assembly, cable and wire harness assembly, and electromechanical assembly. The company is considered to be reliable in terms of quality, as it has obtained multiple certifications including ISO9001:2015, ISO14001, and ISO13485. It can provide top-notch services to customers from various industries.

top pcb manufacturers in the world pcbcart


EMS manufacturer addressHangzhou, China

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +86-571-87396401

  EMS manufacturer website :

This is definitely a high-quality PCB circuit manufacturer. I searched for some reviews about PCBCart online, and while it may not have the “positive review rate > 99%” as claimed on their website, I found very few negative comments regarding production quality. Most of the negative feedback seemed to focus on their after-sales service. For example, some users mentioned that PCBCart’s quality appears to be good, but their after-sales support and service fall somewhere between “amateur” and “malicious.” Additionally, there were users who claimed that the company, like other Chinese PCB service providers, is adept at shifting responsibility rather than solving issues.

PCB Power Market

EMS manufacturer addressAhmedabad, India

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +91 7600012414

  EMS manufacturer website :

This is the best PCB manufacturer in India, and although I couldn’t find any user reviews about the company online, at least it means there are no negative reviews. The company has a history of 35 years and offers comprehensive services including design, manufacturing, assembly, and component procurement. We often have biases against manufacturers from India (well, I admit some regional biases), but PCBPower has obtained certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 13485, IPC-6012, and LCSO, which means you can trust and confidently use their services.

How to choose from these PCB manufacturers?

First and foremost, it is important to clarify that the manufacturers provided in this article are all reputable and verified. You can find relevant information and reviews about them online, which allows you to use them with confidence. When selecting a service provider, it is essential to understand your requirements and start by choosing a manufacturer that aligns with your specific needs.

Online Quotation PCB Manufacturer

PCB Online Quotation Manufacturer's Quotation Page

Generally, PCB manufacturers that provide online quotations are in the prototype sense and have their own factories, which means you can get faster turnaround times and more cost-effective prices. This is also suitable for hobbyists. However, if your project requires precision boards or higher quality, it is not recommended to rely solely on these manufacturers. Their advantage lies in offering competitive prices rather than top-notch quality, unless your order volume is substantial enough for them to prioritize providing better service.

Service-Oriented PCB Manufacturer

service-oriented manufacturer

While some manufacturers have their own factories, they prefer selling their products at higher prices. As a result, they may not offer online quotations to conceal their pricing disadvantages. Instead, you need to contact them via email to obtain a quote. Clearly, service-oriented companies are necessary for certain enterprises, such as small and medium-sized businesses or those focused on marketing. Opting for such PCB manufacturers can address many pre-sales challenges, as they have dedicated sales and engineering teams to serve you, and their factories often boast advanced production capabilities. However, the main drawback is that they exclusively serve B2B clients. Some excellent PCB companies even screen customers and may decline small orders because they are not in need of additional orders. Too many small clients not only fail to bring value to the company but can also impact service quality or lead to a cumbersome organizational structure and increased operational costs.

PCB Broker or Middleman

PCB Broker or Middleman​

For most users, they choose to avoid brokers as it significantly raises their project costs. These brokers establish partnerships with local PCB factories and, after gaining customers’ trust with eloquent words, sell products originally priced at 100 yuan for 1000 yuan. Apart from the price disadvantages, the project’s controllability suffers a severe setback as it involves a third party mediating between the customer and the factory, leading to potential information gaps.

Despite the drawbacks of these brokers, TechSparks still suggests giving them a try. Almost all disguised brokers posing as manufacturers are unreliable. However, if a broker clearly identifies themselves as such, their service quality may be quite high. If you cannot discern, simply use brokers from Hong Kong; their service quality is undoubtedly among the best globally. They take responsibility for every step of production tracking and provide detailed and reliable reports.

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