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ESP32 Sonar Servo Motor
ESP32 Sonar Servo Motor Object Detection Project

This project integrates sonar, servo motors, and the ESP32 microcontroller to create an object detection system with applications in robotics, security, and more. It uses sound waves for distance measurement

halogen free pcb
Comprehensive Guide to Halogen-Free PCB Materials

Halogen-free PCB meet IEC standards with reduced chlorine and bromine levels for environmental safety. They replace hazardous halogen-containing materials, utilizing phosphorus-based flame retardants for superior fire resistance. Applications include critical

iso 9001
What is ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification

ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification is a global standard that helps organizations improve quality management. It emphasizes customer satisfaction, effective leadership, process-driven approaches, and continuous improvement. The certification process

cpl file in PCB assembly
What Is a CPL File in PCBA?

A CPL file, or “pick and place” file, is essential in PCB assembly, providing component size, location, and orientation information. It works with the Bill of Materials, enabling automated component

What Is 5G Network Technology?

5G technology, the fifth generation of mobile communication technology, offers faster signal transmission speeds, lower latency, and broader connectivity. It enables various applications like virtual reality, ultra-reliable low latency communications

how iot works
How Does the Internet of Things (IoT) Work?

The Internet of Things (IoT) operates by collecting data through sensors, transmitting it using communication technologies like LPWAN and 5G, and processing it in the cloud. Sensors act as sensory

internet of things
What Is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

IoT is a transformative technology that interconnects devices, objects, and even humans through advanced identification and communication. It extends the internet to objects, enabling smart applications. IoT enables real-time information

Arduino MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor Project
Arduino MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor Project

Creating an alcohol sensing project with an MQ-3 sensor and Arduino allows for accurate alcohol concentration monitoring in environments like bars and factories. The MQ-3 sensor’s high sensitivity to alcohol,

high tg pcb
High TG PCB Materials Guide

High Tg PCB materials, known for their elevated glass transition temperatures, offer vital benefits for electronics in high-temperature environments. They provide improved heat resistance and stability for reliable performance in

Arduino Temperature Alarm Project
Arduino Temperature Alarm Project

This Arduino temperature alarm project effectively demonstrates how to create a practical temperature monitoring system. By utilizing the LM35 temperature sensor and a buzzer, it warns users with an audible

LED Blinking S.O.S Signal with Arduino
Simulating an LED Blinking S.O.S Signal with Arduino

This Arduino project demonstrates how to create the internationally recognized Morse code distress signal “S.O.S” using an LED. By controlling the LED’s duration of illumination, it represents the pattern of

Arduino Breathing LED Project
Arduino Breathing LED Project

A breathing light is an LED lighting effect that simulates the human breathing process, gradually increasing or decreasing in brightness within a specific cycle. This project can be achieved through

arduino vibration sensor
Arduino Vibration Sensor Project

This Arduino project employs a vibration sensor, ball switch, and LED to detect tilt or collision events. The LED lights up when vibrations occur and turns off afterward. By connecting

KiCad Tutorial
KiCad PCB Design Step-by-Step Tutorial for Beginners

This step-by-step KiCad tutorial for beginners provides a comprehensive guide to creating custom PCB designs. It covers installation, schematic design, and PCB layout, making it accessible for users of varying

advanced driver assistance systems
What Is ADAS System?

TechSparks delves into Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), clarifying its role as an assistive technology in contrast to full autonomy. The historical evolution of ADAS is briefly outlined, from early

circuit board colors
PCB Color Selection Guide

This article explores the world of PCB colors beyond the traditional green, shedding light on options like black, white, blue, red, and yellow. It discusses the components contributing to PCB

arduino smart robot car
Arduino Smart Robot Car DIY Tutorial

In this project, TechSparks will use Arduino to create a smart car project that can achieve Bluetooth remote control, obstacle avoidance, and line tracking functions. We will showcase the required

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