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PCB Golden Board
What is a Golden Board?

When it comes to the term “Golden Board,” it might be initially misunderstood as referring to a circuit board with a surface covered in gold. However, in reality, the term

beryllium oxide ceramic pcb
Beryllium Oxide (BeO) Ceramic PCB

Explore the world of advanced technology with Beryllium Oxide (BeO) Ceramic PCBs, a cutting-edge solution for superior signal transmission in high-frequency environments. Boasting exceptional thermal conductivity, high-frequency characteristics, and chemical

Biggest Machines
Which Is the World’s Biggest Machine

Explore the fascinating realm of the world’s largest machine! From the astronomical LSST digital camera with billions of pixels to the towering 120-meter Starship spacecraft and the colossal Bagger 293

reflow soldering
Comprehensive Guide to PCB Reflow Soldering

Reflow soldering is a key PCB assembly method using solder paste to create strong joints in a high-temp oven. It involves preheating, soaking, reflow, and cooling stages for uniform solder

circuit board cleaner
Which Circuit Board Cleaner is Better

Choosing a PCB cleaner involves considering factors like environmental impact, cleaning effectiveness, material compatibility, and cost. Solvent-based cleaners are powerful but may pose environmental risks. Water-based cleaners are eco-friendly and

how to clean a circuit board
How to Clean a Circuit Board

Cleaning circuit boards is crucial in manufacturing, assembly, and post-use to prevent corrosion and performance issues. Tools like compressed air, brushes, towels, and advanced machines such as ultrasonic cleaners are

conformal coating vs potting
How to Choose Between Potting and Conformal Coating

Potting fully encases the PCB for robust protection in high-cost, fault-intolerant industries, while conformal coating provides a cost-effective, flexible option for projects with periodic maintenance. The choice depends on specific

double sided flex pcb
Double Sided Flexible PCB Guide

Double-sided flexible PCBs optimize space and enhance connectivity with components on both sides. The stack-up includes layers like coverlay, adhesive, copper foil, and substrate using polyimide. Applications span consumer electronics,

Electromagnetic Interference
What is EMI in Electronics

EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) is disruption caused by electromagnetic radiation from one device affecting another. Sources include electrical noise, grounding issues, changing currents, and external RF signals. Coupling paths involve conducted

how to remove conformal coating
Techniques for Removing Conformal Coating from PCB

Removing conformal coating from PCB: heating, mechanical, chemical, and micro-abrasion. Considerations include health risks, component damage, solvent compatibility, and electrostatic discharge concerns. Choose the method based on specific coating and

how does a diode work
What is the Working Principle of a Diode

Diode works through P-N junction, formed by introducing trivalent and pentavalent elements in semiconductors. This creates regions with excess holes and free electrons, forming a depletion region with an internal

Diode polarity identification
How to Identify the Anode and Cathode in Diode

Identifying the anode and cathode of a diode is essential for proper circuit design. Various methods, such as circuit symbol recognition, appearance characteristics, and multimeter testing, offer reliable ways to

What is a diode
What is a Diode and What Is Its Purpose?

A diode is a key semiconductor in microelectronics, regulating one-way current flow. Beyond LEDs, diodes have diverse uses, like reverse polarity protection, transient protection, clamping, and voltage doubling. They play

Transmitting Raspberry Pi Video to PC via UDP
How to Transmit Raspberry Pi Video Frames to PC

This tutorial outlines transmitting Raspberry Pi video frames to a PC using the UDP protocol for remote monitoring. UDP is preferred for speed over data integrity. Optimization techniques like image

Raspberry Pi Obstacle Avoidance Car
Simple Raspberry Pi Obstacle Avoidance Car Project

The Raspberry Pi obstacle avoidance car project uses GPIO, Python, and network communication for a DIY robotics project. It employs ultrasonic sensors and motor modules for obstacle navigation, showcasing Raspberry

Automated Optical Inspection
What is Automated Optical Inspection

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is an essential technology in electronics manufacturing, ensuring precise defect detection. Integrated into the production line, AOI offers cost-effective solutions, reducing failure rates and enhancing efficiency.

Organic Solderability Preservative
OSP Surface Finish Guide

OSP (Organic Solderability Preservative) surface finish safeguards PCBs from oxidation and moisture during manufacturing, offering cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness. With its smooth coating, OSP provides excellent thermal shock resistance and

pcb drill
PCB Drilling Process Guide

This comprehensive guide explores the intricacies of the PCB drilling process, covering techniques such as CNC, laser, and manual drilling. It emphasizes the significance of hole types, including connection holes

flex pcb coverlay
Flex PCB Coverlay Guide to Assist You Apply It Better

This guide introduces coverlays for flexible PCBs, protective layers crucial for shielding against collisions and friction. It emphasizes polyimide’s key features—heat resistance, mechanical strength, and environmental resilience. Practical aspects, including

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