List of Top US PCB Manufacturers

Since 2010, the global printed circuit board (PCB) market has experienced significant growth, leading to an increase in the number of PCB manufacturers in American. With so many options available, it can be challenging for electronics manufacturers to make an informed decision. This article by TechSparks provides a comprehensive list of US PCB manufacturers and introduces them to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Made PCB from USA

Bay Area Circuits logo

Bay Area Circuits

EMS manufacturer address: California, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 510-933-9000

  EMS manufacturer website :

Since its establishment in 1975, Bay Area Circuits (BAC) has been a leader in the fields of PCB design, prototyping, manufacturing, and assembly. With a rich history and extensive experience, they have always maintained a keen sense of innovation, remaining agile and responsive through multiple industry upheavals and economic downturns. As a member of IPC and AMBayArea, the company has established itself as a trusted brand among PCB manufacturers.

Calumet Electronics​ logo

Calumet Electronics

EMS manufacturer address: Michigan, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 906.337.1305

  EMS manufacturer website :

This is a rare PCB manufacturer that produces entirely in the United States and commits to keeping all production processes onshore. Equipped with advanced equipment such as MIVA 2021L DIRECT IMAGER, ORBOTECH NUVOGO FINE, FULLY AUTOMATED ENIG, and 8-CAMERA POST-ETCH-PUNCH in its 160,000 square foot manufacturing facility, these devices give it stronger manufacturing capabilities to meet the demands ranging from traditional PCBs to advanced fields such as high-density interconnects, RF, and microwave. As Calumet Electronics expands its business and adapts to changing demands, it continues to strive for excellence to meet users’ increasing demands for PCB manufacturing and started introducing rigid-flex PCBs in 2024.

Coastal Circuits​ LOGO

Coastal Circuits

EMS manufacturer address: North Carolina, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 1(910) 548-4997

  EMS manufacturer website :

A small-scale American PCB manufacturer, with a single batch production capacity of no more than 500 pieces, suitable for individual projects or small businesses. The company offers services including design, manufacturing, and testing to its customers. In terms of quality, the company is equipped with a range of diagnostic equipment for circuit analysis and troubleshooting internally to ensure production quality.

Aurora Circuits​ logo

Aurora Circuits

EMS manufacturer address: Illinois, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 630-978-3830

  EMS manufacturer website :

Aurora Circuits was established in 1938 and in 1996 built a 38,000 square foot PCB factory in Aurora, Illinois. Due to excellent management and production, it has obtained ISO9001:2001 and AS9100D-2016 certifications.

compunetics LOGO


EMS manufacturer address: Pennsylvania, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : (412) 373-8110

  EMS manufacturer website :

Compunetics is a longstanding enterprise with over 50 years of history. If you’re looking to obtain flexible or rigid-flex PCBs from America, it is one of the best choices available. The company has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of specialized systems for complex processing applications, which gives it a more prominent capability in flexible PCB manufacturing. It is the only manufacturer that employs 4-step selective plating in the production of flexible materials. When it comes to product quality, Compunetics can be almost entirely trusted, as they have obtained certifications such as MIL-PRF-31032, IPC-6012 Class 2 and 3, UL 94V-0, and ITAR rating.

Creative Hi-Tech Ltd.

EMS manufacturer address: Illinois, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 224-653-4000

  EMS manufacturer website :

If you’re looking to obtain turnkey PCB services from the United States, Creative Hi-Tech Ltd. is a worthwhile option to consider. Since its establishment in 1998, the company has been committed to providing comprehensive electronic solutions to its customers, including design, PCB manufacturing, and assembly. The highlight of this company lies in the completeness of its services, as they aim to fulfill almost every conceivable demand you may have. However, it’s worth noting that according to the company’s description, CHTL is not particularly proficient in manufacturing PCBs with more than 6 layers; they seem to excel more in assembly compared to manufacturing.

Electronic Interconnect_ logo

Electronic Interconnect

EMS manufacturer address: Illinois, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone :  800-364-4844

  EMS manufacturer website :

A manufacturer dedicated to producing high-end PCBs, backed by its advanced equipment, can achieve unforgettable production capabilities such as 1-58 layers, 0.390″ board thickness, 2/2 mil trace/space widths, and more. In addition to basic manufacturing, they also offer customers a wide range of surface treatment options, including HASL, immersion silver, ENIG, gold fingers, and others. While obtaining PCB manufacturing services from within the United States may incur higher costs, the services provided by Electronic Interconnect are evidently worthwhile, with a track record of up to 99% customer satisfaction and a 98.5% on-time delivery rate in past services.


EMS manufacturer address: California, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : (714)546-2162

  EMS manufacturer website :

While not heavily inclined towards self-promotion, this manufacturer stands out with its impressive capabilities, underscored by the attainment of AS9100, Mil-P-55110, military PRF-31032, and ITAR certifications. Setting themselves apart from other American companies seeking immediate gains, ACE PCB invests in the future of engineering through their student program, providing aspiring engineers with invaluable opportunities to learn and grow. As a testament to their commitment, they willingly offer assistance and guidance to students, ensuring they overcome any obstacles encountered during their academic pursuits.

usa pcb fabrication technotronix


EMS manufacturer address: California, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 714/630-9200

  EMS manufacturer website :

As a reputable industry leader boasting over 40 years of experience, this manufacturer provides an extensive array of electronic manufacturing services, spanning fabrication, assembly, and value-added solutions, accessible to customers globally through offshore processing capabilities. Their wide service spectrum caters to diverse industries, including aerospace, defense military, telecommunications, medical treatment, and renewable energy.

A testament to their unwavering commitment to quality, they have earned prestigious certifications, including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and AS9100 Rev. D, solidifying their position as a paragon of excellence. Further endorsing their expertise are IPC-A-610 Class 1-2-3 and J Std 001E Class I, II, and III certifications.

circuit board usa rushpcb

Rush PCB Inc

EMS manufacturer address: California, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : + 408-496-6013

  EMS manufacturer website :

As aptly named, RUSH operates like a sprinter, ensuring rapid completion of customer orders—making them a perfect choice for urgent project needs. Their efficient production process is complemented by a strict quality control system, guaranteeing reliable boards while maintaining high-speed production. The company holds UL, ISO, RoHS, and IPC certifications, further validating their commitment to meeting industry standards.

RUSH offers comprehensive services encompassing high impedance, high density, microvia, SMT, and THT technologies. Their dedication to efficiency and quality makes them a reliable partner for time-sensitive projects, providing top-notch PCB solutions.

Journey Circuits Inc

EMS manufacturer address: Illinois, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 630-283-0604

  EMS manufacturer website :

This company provides a one-stop solution, encompassing PCB design and electronic contract manufacturing services. Their dedication to swift turnaround ensures that 1-layer and 2-layer PCB prototypes reach your doorstep within 24 hours, all manufactured in accordance with IPC standards for utmost quality.

New users are greeted warmly with an enticing promotion offering the first order of 10 Psc prototypes free of charge. However, it is essential to be mindful that this company does not specialize in precision multilayer boards.

pcb fab usa epectec


EMS manufacturer address: Massachusetts, North America

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : (888) 995-5171

  EMS manufacturer website :

With an impressive 70-year track record in manufacturing, this PCB company proudly holds the title of being the oldest in North America. Their widespread presence includes production bases in both China and the United States. Constantly striving for growth, the company continues to invest in its people, technology, and innovative ideas for both production and research & development.

By prioritizing continuous improvement, this manufacturer ensures their customers have access to cutting-edge solutions, empowering them to achieve exceptional results in their projects. As an esteemed founding member of IPC, the company’s legacy and prominence in the industry are firmly established.

pcb made in usa cirexx

Cirexx International

EMS manufacturer address: California, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 1-866-439-5119

  EMS manufacturer website :

When it comes to high-end products and turnkey service for your project, Cirexx is a must-have choice. While they might not be the most budget-friendly option, their state-of-the-art factory in the United States sets them apart. Cirexx offers comprehensive services, from design to assembly, and excels in various areas like rigid-flex circuits, microwave RF technology, HDI technology, hybrid PCBs, and specialty materials manufacturing.

pcb in usa Custom Circuit Boards

Custom Circuit Boards

EMS manufacturer address: Arizona, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 888-906-6331

  EMS manufacturer website :

Touted as the premier provider of high-quality PCB fabrication services, this company prides itself on delivering swift turnaround and catering to large-scale manufacturing needs. Boasting an extensive manufacturing capacity, they can handle circuits spanning from 1 to 24 layers and tackle diverse processing requirements, taking on an impressive portfolio of 250,000 projects.

Nonetheless, it is worth noting certain shortcomings. The absence of online quotes and limited information on PCB assembly may deter electronics hobbyists seeking these specific services.


EMS manufacturer address: Arizona, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 714.921.0860

  EMS manufacturer website :

APCT, Inc., founded in Santa Clara, California in 1977, is a major PCB manufacturer with four manufacturing sites spread across the United States, covering a total area of approximately 180,000 square feet. The company’s manufacturing sites are situated in Santa Clara, California; Southern California (2); and Wallingford, Connecticut.

APCT offers a broad spectrum of PCB manufacturing services that include High Density Interconnect (HDI) technology, rigid-flex PCB, and advanced PCBs with features such as blind and buried vias, microvias, and controlled impedance. Additionally, the company prioritizes environmentally responsible manufacturing and has implemented programs to reduce waste and minimize its impact on the environment.

One of APCT’s core strengths lies in its commitment to customer service. The company’s customer service team works closely with customers to ensure that their PCBs are manufactured to the highest standards and delivered on time. However, this eGuide notes that the company’s website is perfunctory and unprofessional, which may affect its image in the eyes of potential customers. As PCB and PCBA projects are often long-term cooperation projects, it is crucial for PCB manufacturers to pay attention to the details, including their website, to ensure customer satisfaction and project success.

american pcb aciatlanta

Advanced Circuitry International

EMS manufacturer address: Georgia, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : (770) 622-2200

  EMS manufacturer website :

A world-class RF/microwave and antenna PCB manufacturer based in the United States. This company has established its core competitiveness in RF PCB technology over the years, developing advanced materials, processes, and systems to manufacture even the most demanding products. This continuous improvement has bolstered their corporate competitiveness significantly. With four state-of-the-art facilities spread across three continents, the company can offer fast turnaround services to customers around the world.

US manufacturers list onboardcircuits

OnBoard Circuits, Inc.

EMS manufacturer address: Arizona, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : (602) 753-2113

  EMS manufacturer website :

OnBoard Circuits, Inc. is an established and affordable American PCB manufacturer based in Scottsdale, Arizona, that offers a wide range of high-quality PCB products and services. Founded in 1998, the company has a professional technical team and provides a full range of services from prototype PCB production to mass assembly for industries such as aerospace, military, medical, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and others.

The company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident through several accreditations, including ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D, and ITAR registration. OnBoard Circuits boasts a state-of-the-art facility with advanced equipment and technology to ensure the highest quality standards.

Moreover, OnBoard Circuits is dedicated to environmental sustainability and has implemented various eco-friendly initiatives such as lead-free solder usage, waste recycling, and energy reduction. Despite their unique professionalism, TechSparks found that the official website browsing experience is subpar as it lacks PCB-related knowledge and only offers sales services. Frequent pop-up quotation prompts and an unusable online quotation function further hinder user browsing.

Top American PCB Manufacturers AAPCB, Inc.​


EMS manufacturer address: Colorado, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 800-838-5650

  EMS manufacturer website :

AAPCB, Inc. is an abbreviation for “Advanced Assembly PCB,” a company that specializes in providing top-quality PCB assembly services. The company is based in Aurora, Colorado, and caters to clients from a wide range of industries. With a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, AAPCB offers an array of assembly services, including SMT, THT, and mixed technology assembly. In addition, they provide turnkey solutions including fabrication, assembly, component sourcing, and final assembly. The company operates in state-of-the-art facilities that are equipped with advanced equipment and technology to ensure the highest quality products and services. AAPCB is committed to quality and customer satisfaction, as demonstrated by their ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certifications. In addition to assembly services, they also offer Design for Manufacturability (DFM) services, testing, and inspection services to ensure their products meet the highest quality standards.

Well-known USA PCB manufacturers Advanced Circuits, Inc.

Advanced Circuits, Inc.

EMS manufacturer address: Colorado, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 1 (800) 979-4722

  EMS manufacturer website :

Advanced Circuits, also known as 4PCB, is a leading provider of printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing and assembly services, founded in Aurora, Colorado in 1989. Among the many American PCB company, 4PCB stands out as a rare service provider that offers EMS PCB production for the US Department of Defense, making great contributions to the military, aerospace, defense, medical equipment, and other industries in the United States.

4PCB has held a leading position in the high-end PCB field and is the third-largest PCB manufacturer in the United States. They are widely recognized for their low-volume PCB production and rapid prototyping, providing a wide range of services to customers in various industries, such as multilayer PCB, metal core PCB, and flexible PCB.

In addition to PCB fabrication, Advanced Circuits also offers turnkey PCB assembly services, including surface mount technology, through-hole assembly, and mixed technology assembly. The company also provides Design for Manufacturability (DFM) services to ensure that customers’ PCB designs are optimized for assembly.

Choosing 4PCB as your US PCB supplier is the right choice. Advanced Circuits also provides PCB testing and inspection services to ensure that their products meet the highest quality standards. With their comprehensive services, Advanced Circuits is a one-stop shop for all PCB fabrication and assembly needs.

In addition to providing a wide range of services, their website is of high quality and the blog page contains a lot of professional content that provides knowledge for engineers, electronics enthusiasts, and students in electrical engineering disciplines. Unlike other websites, most of the content on 4PCB is original content, coming from the hands of electrical engineers. The following section describes the capabilities of Advanced Circuits, an American printed circuit board manufacturer.

American Progressive Circuits, Inc website page

American Progressive Circuits, Inc

EMS manufacturer address: Illinois, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : (630) 495-6900

  EMS manufacturer website :

American Progressive Circuits, Inc., known as APC, is one of the best options for both standard and custom printed circuit boards, as well as turnkey PCB solutions. Their ISO 9001:2000 registered facility is located in Addison, Illinois, conveniently accessible, just minutes away from Chicago O’Hare Airport. The facility covers 16,000 square feet, enabling fast turnarounds and regular production for any large-scale projects.

More PCB Manufacturers in USA

Due to time constraints, TechSparks does not list all PCB manufacturers USA. If you know any of these manufacturers and would like to share information about them you can email me.

  1. Excel Circuits
  2. ExpressPCB
  3. Falcon PCB Group
  4. Fast Circuits Inc.
  5. Fineline Circuits & Technology
  6. Focus Circuits
  7. Freedom CAD Services
  8. Frontier Circuit Ltd.
  9. Fusion-ems
  10. GIC
  11. Gold Phoenix PCB Co., Ltd.
  12. Gorilla Circuits
  13. Green Circuits
  14. High Tech Printed Circuit Board Corporation
  15. IMET Corporation
  16. In2Connect
  17. Intepro Systems America
  18. Interra Global Corporation
  19. Jade Circuit
  20. JLCPCB
  21. K & F Electronics
  22. Kaga Electronics USA
  23. King Sun PCB Technology Co. Ltd.
  24. KPCB
  25. Laube Technology
  26. Lorom America
  27. MJS Designs
  28. Multi-CB
  29. Niche Electronics
  30. North Bay Technical Associates
  31. Northrop Grumman Mission Systems
  32. NPI Solutions
  33. Nutek Corporation
  34. OSH Park
  35. Pad2Pad
  36. Pacific Circuit Limited
  37. Park Electrochemical Corp.
  38. PCB Unlimited
  39. Pentalogix
  40. PNC Inc.
  41. Polaris Electronics Corporation
  42. Pridam Electronics
  43. Proto Circuits
  44. QIS Packaging
  45. Quantum CAD
  46. Rantec Power Systems, Inc.
  47. RayMing Technology
  48. RedBoard Circuits
  49. RUSH PCB Inc.
  50. San Francisco Circuits
  51. Sierra Circuits, Inc.
  52. Simtek, Inc.
  53. Sonora DesignWorks, Inc.
  54. Specialized Circuits, Inc.
  55. Speedy Circuits
  56. Spirit Circuits
  57. Summit Interconnect
  58. Sunstone Circuits
  59. Super PCB
  60. Tech-Etch, Inc.
  61. Tempo Automation
  62. Texas Circuit Works
  63. The Circuit Board Company
  64. Think PCB
  65. Tiger Circuits LLC
  66. Total Circuits
  67. Tri-Circle PCB
  68. Tri-Mag
  69. TriProto
  70. Universal Electronics Inc.
  71. US Quickturn PCBs
  72. VSE, Inc.
  73. Wavestream Corporation
  74. Westak
  75. Winston PCB
  76. World Micro Components, Inc.
  77. Zentech Manufacturing, Inc.
  78. A and M Electronics, Inc.
  79. A.C.T. (USA) Int’l
  80. AA Technology, Inc.
  81. Audi Cord Corporation, Inc.
  82. Accelerated Assemblies, Inc.
  83. Accurate Engineering, Inc.
  84. Accutrace, Inc.
  85. Acme PCB Assembly, Inc.
  86. A-FLEX , Inc.
  87. All Flex, Inc.
  88. Allfavor Technology, Inc.
  89. Almatron, Inc.
  90. Alpha Circuit Corporation, Inc.
  91. American Circuits, Inc.
  92. American Progressive Circuits, Inc.
  93. BlueWire Prototypes, Inc.
  94. Beta Circuits, Inc.
  95. Best Circuits, Inc.
  96. bencor-llc
  97. Bench 2 Bench, Inc.

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