List of Top US PCB Assembly Companies

Electronic manufacturing services may encompass processes such as design, bare board fabrication, component assembly, and final product assembly. Users can seek customized services based on their projects, such as design from A, bare board fabrication from B, assembly from C, or opt for turnkey services from a single company to obtain all required services. Currently, there are numerous companies worldwide capable of providing assembly services, which may include factories or intermediaries. However, obtaining high-quality services at competitive prices remains our primary goal. To facilitate your search for suitable suppliers or service providers, this article from TechSparks will provide a list of PCB assembly companies in the United States, allowing you to better access PCB assembly services domestically.

AalokTronix​ logo


EMS manufacturer address: Washington, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : ?

  EMS manufacturer website :

A U.S. company based in Seattle, Washington, claims to be a leading Electronic Contract Manufacturer (ECM). Unfortunately, I couldn’t access their official website, but fortunately, their LinkedIn account remains active. From their description, it appears to be a company focused on assembly services, including prototyping, assembly, SMT, soldering, and repair, catering to needs across industries from industrial to aerospace sectors.

Journey Circuits Inc

EMS manufacturer address: Illinois, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 630-283-0604

  EMS manufacturer website :

Journey Circuits Inc. is a one-stop PCB assembly solution company based in the United States. With support from both domestic and overseas manufacturing facilities, they can cater to PCBA production projects worldwide. The company consistently utilizes high-quality materials during the production phase and adheres to Class 2 manufacturing standards, ensuring timely delivery without compromising on quality. Additionally, they employ advanced laser cutting technology for stencil manufacturing compared to other PCB assembly companies, ensuring flawless solder paste printing and avoiding various potential faults.

Titan Circuits

Titan Circuits

EMS manufacturer address: Arizona, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 888-913-9522

  EMS manufacturer website :

Titan Circuits is a division of Outroar LLC, specializing in providing high-mix, low-to-medium volume PCB assembly services. What sets them apart from other assembly companies is their use of more advanced equipment to fulfill customer needs, including DEK, YSM20-2, BTU, Koh Young Zenith 2, Assure Component Counter, Nordson, Aqueous Zero Ion, and Yamaha IPULSE.

naprotek logo


EMS manufacturer address: California, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +1.408.830.5000

  EMS manufacturer website :

A top-tier PCB assembly contract manufacturer in USA, Naprotek has three offices responsible for prototyping and bulk production, streamlined electronic assembly, as well as RF assembly and components. The first two offices are located in San Jose, California, while the third one is in Londonderry, New Hampshire. The company has excelled in the fields of RF and microelectronics, making significant contributions to the modern electronics industry. Choosing Naprotek for PCB assembly services is a wise decision, especially if your company operates in the high-tech sector.

MacroFab Logo


EMS manufacturer address: Texas, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 832-924-0146

  EMS manufacturer website :

MacroFab has assembled the best factory production lines in North America, making it the top choice for obtaining PCB assembly services in the United States. The company imposes no minimum order quantity restrictions, allowing for more flexible provision of services from prototyping to mass production. According to statistics, the company completed over 900,000 PCB assembly service orders in 2023, earning the trust of thousands of businesses worldwide. One of their key success factors is the introduction of NPI and providing assistance to customers in cost reduction.


EMS manufacturer address: Indiana, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 317-941-7777

  EMS manufacturer website :

DIVaero is an electronic services company with over 40 years of history, providing comprehensive PCB assembly services for industries such as military, aerospace, automotive, and medical. They cater to SMT, THT, and hybrid assembly requirements, and offer additional value-added services such as testing, conformal coating, and inspection. Over the years of operation, the company has built a team of experienced electrical/hardware, software, and mechanical engineers, making projects run smoother during development. In terms of quality, DIVaero has developed systems and processes specifically to meet the stringent requirements of their customer base, ensuring that assembled PCBA boards meet IPC standards.

C.R. International Inc. logo

C.R. International Inc.

EMS manufacturer address: Maryland, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 301-210-1540

  EMS manufacturer website :

CR International Inc. was established in 1981 as a small engineering company providing communication and data processing equipment to federal clients. As the company grew, CRI seized larger business opportunities and expanded into PCB assembly, engineering support, and electronic testing services, evolving into a diversified American PCB assembly company. In terms of assembly accuracy, they are capable of placing components as small as 01005 and utilizing advanced equipment to complete tasks at the fastest pace possible.

VR Industries, Inc.

EMS manufacturer address: Rhode Island, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 401.732.6800

  EMS manufacturer website :

VR Industries, established in 1985, is a company dedicated to win-win outcomes. They strive to create comprehensive manufacturing solutions and establish long-term cooperative relationships with clients through quality assurance. Their electronic contract manufacturing services encompass electronic design, manufacturing, and assembly, all while reducing client risk through robust supply chain management.

PGF Technology Group logo

PGF Technology Group, Inc.

EMS manufacturer address: Michigan, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 248-270-5583

  EMS manufacturer website :

PGF Technology Group is an electronic solutions manufacturer established in 1970 and certified with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. Since its inception, the company has been committed to providing high-quality services that comply with international standards, maintaining a leading position in the industry with competitive pricing. The company continuously stays at the forefront of innovation and enhances production efficiency through ongoing investments in new technologies and equipment.

RBB Systems, Inc.

EMS manufacturer address: Ohio, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 330-567-2906

  EMS manufacturer website :

If other American PCB assembly companies offer a broader range of services, then RBB Systems, Inc. specializes in industrial control panels. Their assembly area adheres to strict document management, assembly, testing procedures, and inventory control protocols to ensure secure electrical connections. You can opt for partial turnkey or full turnkey PCB assembly services as they can handle all processes from procurement to testing. In addition to meeting basic cost-effectiveness and high-quality requirements, RBB Systems, Inc. is committed to quick delivery and transparent collaboration.


Manufacturing in the United States is an incredibly attractive choice, as these manufacturers often utilize some of the world’s top-tier equipment to complete electronic assembly work, resulting in higher project accuracy. Before selecting a service, it is advisable to review the services offered by these companies and then choose based on the needs of your business. For example, companies focusing on turnkey services can help you save a significant amount of time and cost, while others offering higher levels of customization can help you save on overall project expenses.

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