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Germany! Wow! It’s safe to say that Germany stands as a formidable industrial powerhouse. Since the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the nation has exhibited unwavering dedication to high-tech manufacturing. Renowned giants such as Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Siemens, and Bosch have all emerged from this industrial juggernaut. Given this backdrop, opting for a German partner for your PCB project is a brilliant decision, one that promises higher quality and top-notch circuit boards. In this article, TechSparks will furnish you with a compilation of the finest German PCB manufacturers while thoroughly examining the advantages inherent in German manufacturing.

German PCB Manufacturer Directory

PS: TechSparks’ negative reviews of these companies are sourced from the internet and not from direct experiences with them.

Würth Elektronik logo

Würth Elektronik

EMS manufacturer address: Niedernhall, Germany

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +61 3 8609 4900

  EMS manufacturer website :

As a massive PCB manufacturer, Würth Elektronik currently employs approximately 8,200 individuals worldwide, with a global business presence. Würth Elektronik’s strength lies in its extensive experience and substantial production capacity, boasting 23 production facilities globally, including three highly automated production workshops situated in Germany. Their exceptional business capabilities have earned them considerable customer favor, achieving record-high revenues of 1.33 billion euros in 2022.

TechSparks attempted to find customer reviews online but did not yield results. Nevertheless, two compelling factors make it a preferred choice for users:

  • For four consecutive years, it has been recognized as one of the “Most Innovative Companies in Germany” by Statista and the prestigious business magazine Capital. This accolade underscores its prowess in manufacturing quality.
  • Former employees have regarded it as a company with excellent employee benefits. This aspect, often overlooked when selecting manufacturers, translates to a happier workforce serving you during your project, thus enhancing overall quality.

In terms of production capabilities, Würth Elektronik can cater to a wide range of requirements, from prototype manufacturing to large-scale production. For PCB boards, their capabilities encompass trace widths as fine as 50μm and board thicknesses ranging from 0.4mm to 7.0mm, supporting PCB constructions spanning 1 to 16 layers. Furthermore, their ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and IATF 16949 certifications further affirm their commitment to production quality.

eurocircuits logo

Euro Circuits

EMS manufacturer address: Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +49 26814662

  EMS manufacturer website :

Euro Circuits, originally founded in Eger, Hungary in 1973, has undergone significant expansion over the years. They acquired WI-KA GmbH near Aachen, Germany, and renamed it Euro Circuits Aachen GmbH. The company is renowned for its flexibility, allowing them to offer rapid PCB prototype manufacturing services and a commitment to on-time delivery, setting them apart from larger factories.

In terms of production capabilities, Euro Circuits can handle everything from basic single-layer PCBs to intricate multi-layer designs. If you encounter challenges during circuit design, worry not; their team of professional engineers is ready to assist you. What’s particularly appealing is their online tools that help optimize costs. This can dramatically reduce costs, taking them from 740 euros down to 230 euros.

Euro Circuits maintains a strong commitment to environmental sustainability throughout the production process. They take measures to reduce waste and energy consumption, earning them various international certifications, including ISO 9001. Beyond their environmental initiatives, they also support sponsorship of student projects in multiple European countries, fostering the growth of the electronics manufacturing industry.



EMS manufacturer address: North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +49 26814662

  EMS manufacturer website :

If you’re seeking faster PCB manufacturing services, then AISLER is a must-consider option. This PCB manufacturer, based in Germany, has developed a comprehensive set of tools and services that accelerate turnkey projects through intelligent BOM and an extensive parts catalog. They commit to completing customer orders within two working days. While they have limitations in terms of production capacity, specializing in 2 to 6-layer PCBs, this is more than sufficient for consumer electronics, LED, and various other industries. With their “Made in Germany” assurance and swift production, they have swiftly gained recognition internationally and become a sought-after partner in the field.

leiton logo

LeitOn PCB

EMS manufacturer address: Berlin, Germany

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +49 (0)30 701 73 49 0

  EMS manufacturer website :

This is a company that was established in 2004. Based on their self-introduction, we can gather that the company is not very large. Their Berlin office employs only 20 staff members, including quality inspectors, project managers, and technicians. They claim to have offices in China, but it’s up to your judgment. TechSparks believes that a company with a headquarters of only 20 people would find it challenging to expand to other continents. Typically, small businesses focus on small-batch and prototype manufacturing. Leiton offers PCB production projects ranging from 1 to 24 layers, including comprehensive options like FR4, Flex, and Rogers.

Users looking for PCB manufacturing services are often engineers. In this regard, it is strongly recommended that you visit Leiton’s official website, even if you don’t engage in business with them. On their website, you will find a plethora of useful PCB design tools, including weight, minimum bend radius, trace width, heat resistance, and impedance calculators, which can be highly advantageous for your design projects!

Unimicron Germany

EMS manufacturer address: North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +49 (0) 2831 – 394-0

  EMS manufacturer website :

PCB manufacturing is a complex process involving over a hundred process steps. When it comes to mass production, automation is a crucial guarantee for product consistency, and Unimicron Germany excels in this regard. As one of Europe’s most modern factories, Unimicron Germany relies on various advanced equipment to provide 1-24 layer PCBs for the automotive, renewable energy, and industrial sectors. You can choose from HDI, thick copper, or HF depending on your project requirements.

In addition to their equipment advantages, they also have their factories in Asia, allowing them to meet manufacturing demands in Europe and around the world. Depending on your location, you can choose a production facility nearby to reduce time wastage and risks associated with transportation.

Why German PCB Manufacturing

Quality Assurance

Germany has a rich history in industrial manufacturing, which has fostered a strong tradition of craftsmanship among its workers. This heritage has contributed to German manufacturing’s exceptional quality and precision, setting it apart from many Asian manufacturers. In today’s globalized market, various international standards regulate product quality, which can be demanding and costly for manufacturers striving to meet these requirements. However, German PCB companies take pride in not just meeting but exceeding international standards. They prioritize compliance with standards such as RoHS and CE, among others. This commitment to rigorous standards has propelled many German electronics companies to the pinnacle of the market, earning them a stellar reputation worldwide.

Technology Leadership

For users seeking high-end circuit boards, German manufacturers stand out as the obvious choice due to their cutting-edge production technology. Their manufacturing facilities are often equipped with state-of-the-art automated equipment, which is essential for handling large-scale projects and intricate circuitry.

Furthermore, the German government places a significant emphasis on education and research and development in the field of electrical engineering. This commitment has led to universities and research institutes making substantial contributions to electrical engineering and materials science, garnering international recognition. Within this educational environment, numerous highly skilled engineers have been nurtured.

Most importantly, German PCB factories have established partnerships with world-class customers. These collaborations underscore their strength in the supply chain and their technological leadership.

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