Make Your Project More Profitable with Fast Turnaround PCB Assembly Services

The increasing popularity of fast turnaround services in the PCBA industry offers customers the advantage of completing assembly work in shorter timeframes. However, it is essential to note that expedited services should never compromise on production or service quality. At TechSparks, we understand the significance of delivering excellence in fast turnaround PCB assembly, and thus, we offer valuable guides to optimize your experience.

Why Fast Turnaround PCB Assembly

When developing a new product, even experienced engineers cannot solely rely on their judgment to determine its feasibility. A practical approach is to engage in prototyping, producing a small batch of products to verify their functionality. However, the rapid pace of iterative updates in the realm of electronic products is astounding. On average, our own products undergo upgrades in less than a year, necessitating an accelerated prototype manufacturing process to thoroughly validate them.

To achieve fast turnaround PCB assembly, a reliance on seasoned engineers and a diverse range of automated equipment is paramount. This pairing mirrors the practices of mass production. In the realm of mass production, the utilization of manual assembly can introduce issues concerning product reliability and consistency. In essence, companies capable of offering fast turnaround services have demonstrated proficiency in the domain of mass production as well. This synergy ensures that the fast turnaround service providers are adept at delivering both speed and quality, catering to the dynamic demands of the modern electronics industry.

How Manufacturers Can Achieve Fast Turnaround

To establish an efficient fast PCB assembly process, several pivotal factors come into play. Firstly, a manufacturer must possess an exceptional customer service team and technical experts. Seamless interaction and continuous communication between both parties throughout the project’s lifecycle are imperative for overseeing the entire production process. Concurrently, the design team contributes by optimizing product design and formulating layout strategies to minimize the requisite PCB layers.

Secondly, an integral facet involves incorporating an array of tests within the PCBA production process. It’s important to note that testing isn’t relegated solely to post-production phases; rather, tests are interspersed throughout the process. This real-time verification of board quality and functionality enables prompt adjustments, preempting potential issues and mitigating the need for post-production rework.

The production line standards of the factory must also be stringent. Optimal manufacturers garner greater demand, which necessitates the processing of substantial daily orders. To facilitate swift turnaround, two strategies are pivotal. Firstly, there’s the expansion of the production line, a considerable endeavor that includes the establishment of a comprehensive SMT production line, necessitating an investment of up to $500,000. Secondly, automation is pivotal – all equipment should be automated, allowing batch projects to operate tirelessly.

Moreover, certain manufacturers, in addition to the aforementioned requisites, may require employees to work overtime or expedite services through priority processing. It’s crucial to acknowledge that no benefits come without associated costs, and availing expedited services might entail an additional fee.

Companies Offering Fast Turn PCB Assembly Services

CHTL USA Fast Turn PCB Assembly Company

Creative Hi-Tech Ltd.

EMS manufacturer address: Illinois, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 224-653-4000

  EMS manufacturer website :

Established in 1998, Creative Hi-Tech Ltd. stands as an eminent American turnkey PCB assembly company, offering a comprehensive suite of services. Going beyond conventional practices, they excel in facilitating the entire PCBA process, spanning from design to assembly. Their service portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum, ranging from SMT, THT, BGA, wire harness assembly, to machine assembly, among others.

Positioned to expedite project timelines, Creative Hi-Tech operates within a well-equipped 25,000 sq. ft. factory. This strategic infrastructure empowers them to effectively handle the intricacies of PCB assembly, facilitating the completion of small batch orders within an impressive 1-5 days. Moreover, they boast the capability to actualize PCB prototype assembly projects within a remarkable 24-hour window.

Avanti Circuits

EMS manufacturer address: Arizona, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : (602) 866-7227

  EMS manufacturer website :

Being heralded as the premier printed circuit board manufacturer in the United States, this industry leader boasts an expansive 18,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Over the course of their illustrious 35-year journey, they have consistently delivered top-tier, rapid turnaround circuit boards to the electronics sector. This distinguished track record includes collaborations with industry giants such as Boeing, GE, and NASA.

Earning the title of America’s foremost PCB manufacturer is not solely attributed to their longevity; it’s a testament to their commitment to excellence. By choosing to engage with this prominent establishment, you unlock access to a realm of advantages. The amalgamation of their extensive experience, coupled with a wide-ranging array of services, empowers them to offer competitive prices without compromising on quality.

A standout feature of this enterprise lies in its ability to expedite assembly processes. Whether you’re embarking on a full-scale production endeavor or need a prototype realized swiftly, they stand ready to cater to your needs. Remarkably, their adept team can transform your concepts into tangible reality within a mere 1-3 days.

quick turn pcb assembly pcbway


EMS manufacturer address: Shenzhen, China

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +86 571 8531 7532

  EMS manufacturer website :

One of the most renowned quick turn PCB assembly companies in China, despite some unfavorable online reviews, its excellence remains undeniable, particularly in the realm of rapid production. Firstly, their website offers an online quoting feature, allowing you to input specifications and receive instant quotes, significantly reducing traditional quoting times. Secondly, their manufacturing processes are driven by digital intelligent equipment, crucial for precision and speed. Most importantly, being a subsidiary brand of Jeddobang, they possess their own component supply chain, mitigating issues like component shortages.

rapid pcb assembly Titan Circuits

Titan Circuits

EMS manufacturer address: Arizona, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 888-913-9522

  EMS manufacturer website :

This is a company specializing in assembly, but whether they truly have their own factory remains uncertain as their website provides only a brief introduction. It’s worth mentioning that they have shared information about rapid PCB assembly on a few pages, pledging to achieve assembly for simple circuit structures within two days. This is possible because they employ manual soldering processes, making them much quicker than companies using templates and SMT programming. However, it’s important to note that while manual soldering avoids intricate programming tasks, it may not be suitable for large-scale production.

Hemeixin Electronics Co., Limited

EMS manufacturer address: Shenzhen, China

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +86 (755) 2758 6529

  EMS manufacturer website :

The company primarily engages in the production and assembly of high-end boards, with these projects being carried out within a factory equipped with comprehensive internal facilities. The facility houses over 700 skilled workers and is overseen by 90 professional engineers, ensuring the speed and quality of PCB assembly. In terms of rapid turnaround capabilities, assembly work is completed within 1-15 days based on the complexity of the boards. The company offers user-friendly options including standard, expedited, and express services.

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