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Hey bro, when you see this, it means your electronics project has entered the PCB assembly stage, and you’re considering using a Colorado-based company for this service. That’s a great start! Here at TechSparks, we’re going to provide you with a list of PCB assembly companies in Colorado, which will save you a lot of time. Let’s get started!


Colorado PCB Assembly Company Listings​

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Colorado PCB Assembly

EMS manufacturer address:

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 303-981-7525

  EMS manufacturer website :

Alright, I don’t know the name of this company, but on their website, they refer to themselves as “Colorado PCB Assembly.” In my opinion, any company should have its unique name, just like “Nike” or “Adidas,” as it gives a more professional impression to users. Nevertheless, we can observe two key points here: Colorado and PCB assembly.

This company boasts over a decade of industry experience, providing turnkey, quick-turn, and prototyping services to a wide customer base. If you’re looking for these services at a more affordable price, they might be a good alternative. However, it’s worth noting that they excel in small-batch projects and may not be suitable for larger enterprises with higher PCBA board demands.

When you see the term “quick-turn,” the focus should not solely be on turnaround time, but more on how it’s achieved without compromising quality. So, how does this company achieve it?

  • Firstly, engineers get a thorough understanding of your requirements before the project begins.
  • Secondly, the assembly process utilizes advanced automated SMT equipment.
  • Most importantly, team members adhere to the same quality standards.
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Advanced Circuits

EMS manufacturer address: 888-224-3291

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : (303) – 576 – 6610

  EMS manufacturer website :

Advanced Circuits Inc, which TechSparks has introduced multiple times, is likely familiar to you. Here’s a brief overview: it is one of the most renowned turnkey PCB assembly companies in the United States, headquartered in Colorado and operating processing facilities in Arizona and Minnesota. Established in 1989, the company holds certifications such as MIL-PRF-31032, MIL-PRF-55110G, AS9100C, ISO 9001:2008, IPC 6012 2, 3, and 3A, and is ITAR registered. One of its significant advantages over other companies is its online quoting service, catering to enthusiasts.

PCB Prime icon

PCB Prime

EMS manufacturer address: 303-362-7654

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 800.791.5370

  EMS manufacturer website :

This assembly company, boasting 15 years of industry experience, represents a wealth of accumulated knowledge that forms the cornerstone of their competitive edge. Even more crucial is their experienced team, with the transportation manager alone possessing 9 years of SMT production line operation experience. This indicates that they entrust your PCBA project to true professionals.

Another notable advantage is the extended 6-month rework guarantee they offer. This means that for a full six months after you receive your PCBA boards, they are fully committed to rectifying any issues related to the assembly process, be it part shortages, part errors, orientation problems, process deficiencies, or any other assembly-related problems. Furthermore, all costs, including shipping expenses, during this process are covered by PCB Prime.

You need not worry about their capability to cater to your assembly project, as their assembly prowess is virtually all-encompassing, including various types of packages like BGA, uBGA, QFN, QFP, and more. Whatever your needs may be, they are up to the task.

linearmfg logo


EMS manufacturer address:

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : (719) 528-1455

  EMS manufacturer website :

The development of the PCBA industry began in the United States, for electronic manufacturers, choosing a quality-driven company is paramount, and Linear Corporation stands out as an excellent choice. Established in 1995, the company has always considered quality as the core of its business philosophy. Their unwavering commitment to quality has set them apart in industries with demanding product quality standards, such as GPS, Bluetooth technology, aerospace, and medical devices.

In terms of design, Linear fully utilizes computer-aided manufacturing to plan component layouts. For component procurement, they collaborate with reliable suppliers and subject purchased components to rigorous inspections. In terms of personnel, they employ professionals certified by IPC-610. Furthermore, Linear’s assembly facility has received ISO 9001:2015 certification and employs SMT and DIP hybrid assembly technology to assist customers in meeting their requirements for fine-pitch components.

While Colorado’s PCB assembly companies typically possess these advantages, Linear Corporation distinguishes itself through its close collaboration with KS Technologies. KS Technologies is a local company with expertise in engineering mobile hardware accessories, applications, and cloud-based services. The strong partnership between these two companies has positioned Linear as a “one-stop shop” for creating comprehensive mobile solutions.


EMS manufacturer address: Email address not found

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : (818) 676-9058

  EMS manufacturer website :

NEOTech’s origins can be traced back to 1975 when they acquired NATEL. With strategic development, the company began to expand and subsequently acquired EPIC and OnCore. Therefore, the name NEOTech is derived from the initials of these three companies. This collaborative group model fully integrates the strengths and expertise of the three companies and has made significant investments to unify and standardize IT systems, optimize supply chain management, and develop strong engineering service capabilities to complement their EMS business. Currently, NEOTech’s business divisions operate not only in Colorado but also have a presence in Mexico and China.

Compared to many other assembly and manufacturing factories, NEOTech has consistently been at the forefront of microelectronics manufacturing technology. They improve the quality of their microelectronics assembly services by developing various advanced technologies and materials. It is based on this philosophy of advanced technology that they have gained a high reputation in complex industries such as aerospace and defense, high-tech industries, and medical devices.

Nova logo


EMS manufacturer address:

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 303.670.1025

  EMS manufacturer website :

Nova is a company specializing in prototype, turnkey, and consignment PCB assembly services. Over the past 35 years, they have been dedicated to nurturing and training an experienced and responsible team of employees. They have established solid partnerships with multiple reputable suppliers, allowing us to provide high-quality assembly services at lower costs.

They have three fully equipped production lines with advanced equipment, enabling us to offer services of various scales to industries such as medical, aerospace, military, telecommunications, and industrial. To ensure the consistently high quality of your assembly projects, they employ MIRTEC’s AOI technology and equipment for surface mount work. This means that they implement several quality control measures, including 100% final visual inspections, 100% consignment kit confirmation, 100% Master Production Schedule (MRP) verification, and material list review confirmation for SMT planning.

Why Colorado PCBA Service Provider

Order Quantity

When users are looking for assembly companies, the specific geographical location can play a crucial role. This might be because users have an in-depth understanding of the industry development in that area or consider factors related to the geographical location. If your company is located in Colorado or its vicinity, choosing a local service provider can bring several advantages.

Firstly, prototype services are essential for verifying design feasibility and assessing the capabilities of assembly companies. However, with many companies claiming to have strength on the internet, it can be challenging to discern, and making the wrong choice may lead to longer production cycles. Therefore, opting for a Colorado-based PCBA service company closer to you will help you expedite prototype assembly. Additionally, you can visit these factories directly to confirm their reliability.

Secondly, small-batch production can be an alternative to large-batch production. Offshore manufacturing may entail uncertainties related to transportation and market conditions. However, when you choose service providers close to Colorado, these issues are often mitigated. For some companies, large-batch orders may increase inventory pressures and, in B2B projects, typically require advance payment of partial prepayments, which can lead to liquidity problems. In contrast, small-batch projects may not meet your current needs, but, in conjunction with regional advantages, can compensate for the lack of transportation timeliness. By adopting high-frequency small-batch production, you can improve the company’s liquidity.

Technical advantages

When filtering PCBA manufacturers in Colorado, ensuring that they possess a more comprehensive assembly capability is crucial, even if your project may not currently require these technologies. Why is this important? Let’s illustrate this through a real case.

One of our company’s past clients initially had an annual demand of $200,000. However, as the business expanded, this number quickly increased to $5 million per year. This expansion not only added pressure to production capacity but also raised higher demands on the company’s assembly capabilities. Choosing a partner with more comprehensive capabilities ensures that your future growth won’t be constrained, avoiding issues where your supplier’s capacity can’t keep up with your expansion.

A key aspect is mixed assembly technology, where SMT and THT coexist. Although SMT has a greater demand in modern electronics manufacturing due to its alignment with miniaturization trends, THT remains essential. For some small manufacturing enterprises, achieving automated THT assembly processes can be challenging, limiting them to large-scale PCB assembly projects. Therefore, when selecting factories in Colorado, ensure that they have invested in and equipped themselves with digital smart devices to meet the demands of mixed assembly.

Another important aspect is lead-free processing requirements. As the RoHS directive becomes increasingly stringent, lead-free processing requirements are becoming more important. In this regard, European and American countries have stricter environmental regulations, so users are more inclined to choose Colorado manufacturers because they generally place a greater emphasis on corporate social responsibility, having a greater sense of responsibility towards employees, customers, and the environment.

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