Best China PCB Manufacturers List

As the “mother of electronics,” printed circuit board is an indispensable part of the electronics industry chain. Even industry giants like Apple, Samsung, and Gree opt for outsourcing PCB services, primarily to avoid organizational expansion and entrust production to professional companies.

According to the well-known industry research firm Prismark, the global PCB industry’s total output reached $81.741 billion in 2022, indicating a vast number of manufacturers providing PCB services worldwide. Common options include China, the United States, India, among others. China’s manufacturing stands out with a balanced combination of competitive pricing and quality, making it favored by global users. To assist you in making the right choice, TechSparks offers a list of Chinese PCB manufacturers.

made in China

china pcb manufacturer nextpcb


EMS manufacturer address: Turnkey + Online Quotation

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +86 075583643663

  EMS manufacturer website :

As the best Chinese PCB manufacturer providing online quotes, NextPCB often offers lower prices due to the elimination of intermediaries, making them a true manufacturer. With 15 years of experience in the PCB and PCBA industry, NextPCB offers comprehensive turnkey services, including design, procurement, prototyping, manufacturing, and assembly, catering to all your needs from design to mass production.

We understand that some users perceive NextPCB as a “slow” manufacturer, as it took several months to produce a few PCBA samples. Additionally, some customers find communication with the company challenging and have experienced some production errors as a result.

hillmancurtis printed circuit board manufacturers in china


EMS manufacturer address: Multilayer + Rayming

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +86 755-2738-9663

  EMS manufacturer website :

You may not be familiar with Hillmancurtis, but when we mention RayMing, you probably know about it. While this printed circuit board manufacturer in China claims to offer turnkey services, their website lacks substantial information about design capabilities and focuses more on showcasing its strengths in manufacturing and assembly. If your project requires starting from the design phase, Hillmancurtis may not be the best choice.

best china pcb manufacturer Venture Electronics

Venture Electronics

EMS manufacturer address: Broker + Full Service

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +86-0755-85296692

  EMS manufacturer website :

Despite claiming to have the best PCB factory in China, I found no useful information when checking their company profile on the Chinese website. As a result, I suspect this company is more of a broker without its own manufacturing facility, forwarding inquiries to collaborating factories to handle production tasks.

Just suspicion, no substantive evidence!

china pcb huanyupcb

HuanYu Future Technologies Co., Ltd

EMS manufacturer address: Broker + False Information

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : 15915902291

  EMS manufacturer website :

On their website, you can find the information “1000+ employees and annual output exceeding 100 million USD.” However, I can confidently say that this information is false. Given the current state of China’s PCB industry, a company of such scale would have a substantial online presence, but I couldn’t find any relevant content related to HuanyuPCB. TechSparks believes this is a small-scale intermediary rather than an actual factory. Therefore, caution is advised when dealing with this China PCB service provider, and it is not recommended for large-scale production activities.

JY Group best chinese pcb manufacturer

Dalian JY Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

EMS manufacturer address: Engineer + Small Scale

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +86-411-66361648-806

  EMS manufacturer website :

Dalian JY Electronics is a verified Chinese circuit board manufacturer that offers essential manufacturing and assembly services and specialized services like reverse engineering, supported by a team of professional engineers and designers. Although they have obtained various management certifications such as UL, ISO, TS16949, OHSAS, they are a small-scale manufacturer and may face challenges in handling bulk orders.


EMS manufacturer address: Online Quotation + Top Factory

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +86 – (0) 755-2330-0601

  EMS manufacturer website :

This large-scale enterprise stands as one of China’s top PCB manufacturers, catering to hobbyist communities like other online quoting companies. They can provide high-quality PCBA boards without compromising on quality, mainly relying on two aspects: 1. Cost-saving through panelization, and 2. Access to a component marketplace for obtaining components at low cost. However, they have some evident drawbacks, such as being unable to offer high-precision boards and potentially compromising service quality due to an overwhelming number of customers.

FS Technology

EMS manufacturer address: Assembly + Component Substitution

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : +86-755-86966026

  EMS manufacturer website :

A PCBA service provider established in 2004, specializing in electronic assembly projects, stands out for its ability to offer component substitution solutions to its customers. In PCB assembly projects, a significant portion of the expenses lies in the components, and component substitution means that you can save project costs while ensuring the quality and functionality of the project remain intact.

Instructions for Using PCB Services in China

As you can see, Chinese PCB service providers form a vast and diverse group, offering various qualities, cost options, and customer-oriented services. For customers seeking overseas services, screening these companies can be quite challenging. Understanding local companies becomes especially difficult for users from other places. While evaluation websites and blog reviews might offer insights, it’s important to consider the potential bias as some companies may pay for favorable comments to promote themselves. To make informed decisions, one should be cautious not to be deceived by flashy reviews and instead pay attention to negative feedback during the screening process.

Here are some useful suggestions to help you screen China PCB board manufacturers:

  • Factory Inspection: If possible, visiting the service provider’s factory directly can help verify their strength. PCB companies often claim to have their own factories, making it challenging for customers to judge without firsthand experience.
  • Brand Reputation: For enthusiasts, JLCPCB is a highly recommended option, boasting the largest factory in Asia and being one of the most renowned PCB brands in China. Regarding commercial activities, TechSparks refrains from making specific recommendations due to the complexity and depth of the industry.
  • Industry Matching: It is advisable to choose companies with experience in servicing similar industries to your company’s products. Some companies specialize in telecommunications, while others focus on the automotive sector, for instance.
  • Shenzhen Manufacturers: Most PCB companies in China are located in Shenzhen, an international city known for its cutting-edge technology. However, it is crucial to be discerning when dealing with Shenzhen PCB manufacturers, as the city may not be able to accommodate an overwhelming number of factories, and some of the so-called manufacturers may actually be brokers.

More China PCB Manufacturers

Due to time constraints, TechSparks does not list all Chinese PCB manufacturers. If you know any of these manufacturers and would like to share information about them you can email me.

  1. Shenzhen JLC Electronics Co., Ltd.
  2. Shenzhen Sunsoar Tech Co., Ltd.
  3. Shenzhen Grandsun Electronic Co., Ltd.
  4. Shenzhen Rayming Electronic Co., Ltd.
  5. Shenzhen Rigao Electronics Co., Ltd.
  6. Shenzhen Huaxin Electronics Co., Ltd.
  7. Shenzhen Suntak Circuit Technology Co., Ltd.
  8. Shenzhen Vital Electronics Co., Ltd.
  9. Shenzhen Fastline Circuits Co., Limited
  10. Shenzhen Wonderful Technology Co., Ltd.
  11. Shenzhen X-Mulong Circuit Co., Ltd.
  12. Shenzhen Aolaisi Electronic Co., Ltd.
  13. Shenzhen Baiqiancheng Electronic Co., Ltd.
  14. Shenzhen ChinaFASTPCB Co., Ltd.
  15. Shenzhen Dejia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
  16. Shenzhen Eastwin Trading Ltd.
  17. Shenzhen Fulltronics Technology Co., Ltd.
  18. Shenzhen Hanstar Technologies Co., Ltd.
  19. Shenzhen Hengsheng Electronics Co., Ltd.
  20. Shenzhen Jaapson Technology Co., Ltd.
  21. Shenzhen JinShunYuan Electronics Co., Ltd.
  22. Shenzhen Leadboom Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.
  23. Shenzhen MOKO Technology Ltd.
  24. Shenzhen O-Leading Supply Chain Co., Ltd.
  25. Shenzhen POE Precision Technology Ltd.
  26. Shenzhen Raysintek Electronics Co., Ltd.
  27. Shenzhen Shared PCB Electronics Co., Ltd.
  28. Shenzhen Shinelink Technology Ltd.
  29. Shenzhen Suntech Company Ltd.
  30. Shenzhen Super Electronic Co., Ltd.
  31. Shenzhen STHL Electronics Co., Ltd.
  32. Shenzhen Tailiand Electronic Co., Ltd.
  33. Shenzhen Tailiand Technology Co., Ltd.
  34. Shenzhen TCI Circuit Co., Ltd.
  35. Shenzhen XCE Electronic Co., Ltd.
  36. Shenzhen Yideyi Technology Co., Ltd.
  37. Shenzhen YunYijie Electronics Co., Ltd.
  38. Shenzhen Zealfull Electronics Co., Ltd.
  39. Shenzhen ZITROK Electronics Co., Ltd.
  40. Sunshine Global Circuits Co., Ltd.
  41. Uniwell Circuits Co., Ltd.
  42. Wonder Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
  44. Xinhe Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
  45. XPCB Limited
  46. Dapu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
  47. Xuyao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
  48. Greenway Circuit Technology (HK) Limited
  49. FR-4 Company Limited
  50. Hitech Circuits Co., Ltd.
  51. ELEGOO Industries Co., Ltd.
  52. ALLPCB
  53. PCBWay
  55. Seeed Studio
  56. Elecrow
  57. PCBShopper
  58. Sierra Circuits
  59. Advanced Circuits
  60. OSH Park
  61. Custom Circuit Boards
  62. ExpressPCB
  63. Bittele Electronics
  64. Pentalogix
  65. WellPCB
  66. 4PCB
  67. Rush PCB
  68. Gold Phoenix
  69. Sunstone Circuits
  70. ICAPE Group
  71. San Francisco Circuits
  72. AP Circuits
  73. Sierra Proto Express
  74. MulTEQ
  75. Bay Area Circuits
  76. Mer-Mar Electronics
  77. Epec Engineered Technologies
  78. Flextronics
  79. Aceramic Technology
  80. E-Protofab
  81. DDE Technologies
  82. Ampotech
  83. King Brother Technology
  84. ONBOARD Co., Ltd.
  85. Tech-Etch
  86. Plus Park Electronics
  87. Hisense PCB Co., Ltd.
  88. Zhejiang Jetek Co., Ltd.
  89. Guangdong Kingboard Laminates
  90. Chitwing Technology
  91. TTM Technologies
  92. Multek Corporation
  93. CMK Corporation
  94. Eastern Europe PCB
  95. Sichuan Linuo Precision
  96. Elite Advanced Laser
  97. AMR Engineering
  98. Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards
  99. Bittele Electronics Inc.
  100. Pilot Engineerin

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