Raspberry Pi

If you’re not yet familiar with what a Raspberry Pi is, this category is an excellent place to start. It’s a small, low-cost single-board computer widely used by enthusiasts for DIY projects. With it, you can create everything from home media centers, smart home controls, machine learning setups, remote servers, educational projects. Begin your exploration of TechSparks’ Raspberry Pi projects now!

A Beginner’s Guide to Raspberry Pi File System
A Beginner’s Guide to Raspberry Pi File System

The article provides a detailed overview of essential files in the Raspberry Pi file system, covering their functions and significance in system operation. It explores critical files like LICENCE.broadcom, cmdline.txt,

Raspberry Pi Controls Precision Landing for Drone
Raspberry Pi Controls Precision Landing for Drone

This tutorial guides precision drone landing with Raspberry Pi, covering ROS Kinetic, MAVROS, and PX4 Autopilot setup. It explains Gazebo config, showcasing landmark recognition via Python script. Algorithmic control, using

raspberry pi autostart
How to Auto Start Programs on Raspberry Pi

Automating program startup on the Raspberry Pi can be achieved through various methods. Editing the “/etc/rc.local” file or using desktop applications, while simpler, may not be as reliable. A more

raspberry pi
What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi, a revolutionary single-board computer introduced by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, has become a global sensation, initially designed for educational purposes. With its integrated components, including a processor, memory,

Raspberry Pi motion tracking car
Raspberry Pi and OpenCV for Motion Object Tracking

This comprehensive guide explores the integration of Raspberry Pi and OpenCV for motion object tracking, enabling a Raspberry Pi car to dynamically follow and maintain a specific distance from an

Transmitting Raspberry Pi Video to PC via UDP
How to Transmit Raspberry Pi Video Frames to PC

This tutorial outlines transmitting Raspberry Pi video frames to a PC using the UDP protocol for remote monitoring. UDP is preferred for speed over data integrity. Optimization techniques like image

Raspberry Pi Obstacle Avoidance Car
Simple Raspberry Pi Obstacle Avoidance Car Project

The Raspberry Pi obstacle avoidance car project uses GPIO, Python, and network communication for a DIY robotics project. It employs ultrasonic sensors and motor modules for obstacle navigation, showcasing Raspberry

Raspberry Pi Servo Pan-Tilt Project with Remote Control
Raspberry Pi Servo Pan-Tilt Project with Remote Control

This Raspberry Pi project successfully integrates a servo pan-tilt module for remote control, allowing precise movement and positioning. The servo motor’s principles, Python control logic, and UDP-based remote control communication

list of operating systems for raspberry pi
9 Best Raspberry Pi Operating Systems

Raspberry Pi, known for versatility, offers diverse operating systems. Raspberry Pi OS is the official, optimized choice. Ubuntu has MATE and Server versions. LibreELEC is a lightweight media option. Kali

raspberry pi setup
Raspberry Pi Initial Setup Guide

When conceiving an electronic project, the Raspberry Pi might be your ideal choice to embark on realizing your goals. Once you’ve purchased a Raspberry Pi and installed the supported operating

ds18b20 raspberry pi
Raspberry Pi DS18B20 Temperature Sensor

This article provides a comprehensive guide to using the DS18B20 digital temperature sensor with a Raspberry Pi, offering a superior alternative to analog sensors. It covers the required components and

mine bitcoins with raspberry pi
How to mine Bitcoin with Raspberry Pi?

This article provides a comprehensive guide on mining Bitcoin using a Raspberry Pi, offering an accessible entry point for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It covers essential steps, from configuring the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Project
Raspberry Pi Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Project

In this Raspberry Pi project, we built a distance detector using the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor. The Raspberry Pi served as the microcontroller, programmed to receive data from the sensor. When

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