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Complementary Field-Effect Transistor (CFET)

CFET, a revolutionary 3D Nanosheet transistor, marks a transformative shift in chip tech, addressing size reduction challenges. TSMC, Samsung, and Intel progress with gate pitch reduction and electrical isolation, advancing

point contact transistor
What is a Point-Contact Transistor

The point-contact transistor, an early alternative to electron tubes, was swiftly surpassed by the superior bipolar junction transistor (BJT). Originating from Bell Labs, it utilized a metal needle for point

size of transistor
Is Smaller Always Better for Transistor Size?

The quest for smaller transistors in integrated circuits enhances chip performance by increasing integration. From large-scale categorizations to nanometer-based measurements, the semiconductor industry continually pursues miniaturization. Challenges arise as transistor

What is an odb++ file
What is an ODB++ File?

ODB++ files revolutionize PCB manufacturing with their XML-based open data format, simplifying data exchange and reducing errors. Featuring a hierarchical structure, they promote cross-platform collaboration in CAD systems. These files

Biggest Machines
Which Is the World’s Biggest Machine

Explore the fascinating realm of the world’s largest machine! From the astronomical LSST digital camera with billions of pixels to the towering 120-meter Starship spacecraft and the colossal Bagger 293

how many transistors in a cpu
How Many Transistors in a CPU

Modern technology is intricately linked with computers, necessitating sophisticated algorithms to execute various tasks. The CPU, acting as the computer’s “brain,” is responsible for interpreting and executing instructions stored in

Lithium-Ion Battery Alternatives
Lithium-Ion Battery Alternatives

As our reliance on electronic devices continues to grow, so does the demand for advanced battery technology. Lithium-ion batteries, while prevalent, face challenges in terms of energy density, safety, and

High-Speed PCB Development Trends
High-Speed PCB Development Trends

In the rapidly evolving electronics landscape, the adoption of high-speed PCBs is paramount to meet the demands of state-of-the-art devices. With the advent of 5G technology, high-speed PCBs take center

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