ESP32 Project

The ESP32 is a low-cost, low-power microcontroller chip developed by Espressif Systems. It is based on the Xtensa dual-core processor architecture and boasts a wide range of peripherals and communication interfaces, making it highly suitable for projects in smart homes, sensor nodes, Wi-Fi Bluetooth gateways, embedded control, and more. If you’re working on an ESP32 DIY project, you might find some inspiration here!

esp32 pinout
ESP32 Pinout Reference Guide

The ESP32 is a versatile microcontroller with extensive functionalities. Its pinout includes GPIO pins for digital, analog, and capacitive touch, PWM pins for precise control, I2C pins for communication with

ESP32 Sonar Servo Motor
ESP32 Sonar Servo Motor Object Detection Project

This project integrates sonar, servo motors, and the ESP32 microcontroller to create an object detection system with applications in robotics, security, and more. It uses sound waves for distance measurement

esp32 pwm project
ESP32 PWM Tutorial

This article delves into PWM on the ESP32, crucial for precise control in applications like LED dimming, motor regulation, and audio generation. It explains the duty cycle’s role in signal

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