ESP32 Project

If you’re considering creating a smart home, Wi-Fi Bluetooth gateway, or embedded control project, then you should know what the ESP32 is. Developed by Espressif Systems, this is a low-cost, low-power microcontroller chip based on the Xtensa dual-core processor architecture, equipped with rich peripherals and communication interfaces, making it highly functional.

what is esp32
What is an ESP32

Dive into the world of microcontrollers with TechSparks’ comprehensive guide to the ESP32! Discover the power of this versatile chip, renowned for its integration, low power consumption, and robust security

esp32 ledc
ESP32 LEDC: Precise Control for Diverse Applications

Dive into the world of precise LED control with ESP32’s LEDC module, revolutionizing microcontroller-based PWM technology for versatile applications. Explore the enhanced capabilities, flexible programming methods, and real-world examples to

esp32 connect to wifi
Connecting ESP32 to WiFi in 4 Steps

Unlock the potential of your ESP32 with these 4 simple steps to WiFi connectivity! Dive into the world of IoT and remote control effortlessly, as we guide you through setting

Getting Started with ESP-IDF in VSCode
Getting Started with ESP-IDF in VSCode

This guide introduces an efficient method, “ESP-IDF + VSCode,” for ESP32 development, simplifying environment setup and allowing seamless switching between ESP-IDF versions. It covers downloading development tools, configuring ESP-IDF, addressing

How to Enable Multi-Core on ESP32 Microcontroller
How to Enable Multi-Core on ESP32 Microcontroller

This comprehensive guide elucidates the process of enabling multi-core functionality on the ESP32 microcontroller, leveraging its dual-core architecture for enhanced parallel processing capabilities. Through detailed steps and code examples, developers

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using LVGL with ESP32
A Step-by-Step Guide to Using LVGL with ESP32

This guide illustrates how to integrate LVGL with the ESP32, enabling the creation of engaging graphical user interfaces for embedded systems. By configuring libraries and writing code, developers can enhance

Using ESP32 with Arduino IDE to Control an LCD Display
Using ESP32 with Arduino IDE to Control an LCD Display

This article offers a comprehensive guide on utilizing ESP32 with Arduino IDE to control a 3.5-inch LCD display, navigating through development approaches, library installations, wiring configurations, and driver modifications.

esp32 pinout
ESP32 Pinout Reference Guide

The ESP32 is a versatile microcontroller with extensive functionalities. Its pinout includes GPIO pins for digital, analog, and capacitive touch, PWM pins for precise control, I2C pins for communication with

ESP32 Sonar Servo Motor
ESP32 Sonar Servo Motor Object Detection Project

This project integrates sonar, servo motors, and the ESP32 microcontroller to create an object detection system with applications in robotics, security, and more. It uses sound waves for distance measurement

esp32 pwm project
ESP32 PWM Tutorial

This article delves into PWM on the ESP32, crucial for precise control in applications like LED dimming, motor regulation, and audio generation. It explains the duty cycle’s role in signal

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