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Why Cold Drains Phone Battery and How to Avoid It
Why Cold Drains Phone Battery and How to Avoid It

Extreme cold affects phone batteries, causing lithium-ion traffic jams and increased internal resistance, leading to accelerated drain. To prevent this, charge the phone fully indoors, use insulation cases, keep it

advanced driver assistance systems
What Is ADAS System?

TechSparks delves into Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), clarifying its role as an assistive technology in contrast to full autonomy. The historical evolution of ADAS is briefly outlined, from early

top Blood Pressure Monitors
Top 3 Brands of Blood Pressure Monitors with High Reviews

In this comprehensive article, TechSparks presents a list of reputable sphygmomanometer brands, each offering unique features and benefits for users. From Omron’s top-notch connectivity to Withings’ stylish design and Citizen’s

Finger Vein Recognition
Discussion on Finger Vein Recognition Technology

Unlock the power of finger vein recognition technology for secure and accurate individual authentication in the medical field. This advanced biometric solution utilizes near-infrared rays to analyze unique finger vein

Heart Rate Monitor Design Project
Heart Rate Monitor Design Solutions

Explore our comprehensive guide, as TechSparks presents an innovative design framework for a simplified heart rate monitor circuit. Discover how cutting-edge technology integrates with traditional medicine to enable accurate and

How to make a simple pulse meter
How to make a simple pulse meter

Get Your Heart Racing with a Simple Pulse Meter – Discover How to Build Your Own with Ease! Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just curious about your health, our

Naked eye 3D display system
Naked eye 3D display system for the medical industry

Experience cutting-edge medical imaging technology with the revolutionary naked-eye 3D display system! Developed by Professor Takeyoshi Dohi and his team at the University of Tokyo, this breakthrough technology allows for

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