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Hey there, DIY enthusiasts! Are you ready to dive into the world of electronics projects? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Whether you’re looking to tinker with an Arduino or explore new projects on Electronicshub, or even check out our very own TechSparks collection, we’ve got you covered. So, come on in and let’s get started on your next electronics adventure!

what is esp32
What is an ESP32

Dive into the world of microcontrollers with TechSparks’ comprehensive guide to the ESP32! Discover the power of this versatile chip, renowned for its integration, low power consumption, and robust security

esp32 ledc
ESP32 LEDC: Precise Control for Diverse Applications

Dive into the world of precise LED control with ESP32’s LEDC module, revolutionizing microcontroller-based PWM technology for versatile applications. Explore the enhanced capabilities, flexible programming methods, and real-world examples to

How to Enable Multi-Core on ESP32 Microcontroller
How to Enable Multi-Core on ESP32 Microcontroller

This comprehensive guide elucidates the process of enabling multi-core functionality on the ESP32 microcontroller, leveraging its dual-core architecture for enhanced parallel processing capabilities. Through detailed steps and code examples, developers

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using LVGL with ESP32
A Step-by-Step Guide to Using LVGL with ESP32

This guide illustrates how to integrate LVGL with the ESP32, enabling the creation of engaging graphical user interfaces for embedded systems. By configuring libraries and writing code, developers can enhance

Using ESP32 with Arduino IDE to Control an LCD Display
Using ESP32 with Arduino IDE to Control an LCD Display

This article offers a comprehensive guide on utilizing ESP32 with Arduino IDE to control a 3.5-inch LCD display, navigating through development approaches, library installations, wiring configurations, and driver modifications.

Raspberry Pi Controls Precision Landing for Drone
Raspberry Pi Controls Precision Landing for Drone

This tutorial guides precision drone landing with Raspberry Pi, covering ROS Kinetic, MAVROS, and PX4 Autopilot setup. It explains Gazebo config, showcasing landmark recognition via Python script. Algorithmic control, using

raspberry pi autostart
How to Auto Start Programs on Raspberry Pi

Automating program startup on the Raspberry Pi can be achieved through various methods. Editing the “/etc/rc.local” file or using desktop applications, while simpler, may not be as reliable. A more

Transmitting Raspberry Pi Video to PC via UDP
How to Transmit Raspberry Pi Video Frames to PC

This tutorial outlines transmitting Raspberry Pi video frames to a PC using the UDP protocol for remote monitoring. UDP is preferred for speed over data integrity. Optimization techniques like image

Raspberry Pi Obstacle Avoidance Car
Simple Raspberry Pi Obstacle Avoidance Car Project

The Raspberry Pi obstacle avoidance car project uses GPIO, Python, and network communication for a DIY robotics project. It employs ultrasonic sensors and motor modules for obstacle navigation, showcasing Raspberry

Raspberry Pi Servo Pan-Tilt Project with Remote Control
Raspberry Pi Servo Pan-Tilt Project with Remote Control

This Raspberry Pi project successfully integrates a servo pan-tilt module for remote control, allowing precise movement and positioning. The servo motor’s principles, Python control logic, and UDP-based remote control communication

raspberry pi setup
Raspberry Pi Initial Setup Guide

When conceiving an electronic project, the Raspberry Pi might be your ideal choice to embark on realizing your goals. Once you’ve purchased a Raspberry Pi and installed the supported operating

esp32 pinout
ESP32 Pinout Reference Guide

The ESP32 is a versatile microcontroller with extensive functionalities. Its pinout includes GPIO pins for digital, analog, and capacitive touch, PWM pins for precise control, I2C pins for communication with

ESP32 Sonar Servo Motor
ESP32 Sonar Servo Motor Object Detection Project

This project integrates sonar, servo motors, and the ESP32 microcontroller to create an object detection system with applications in robotics, security, and more. It uses sound waves for distance measurement

Arduino MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor Project
Arduino MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor Project

Creating an alcohol sensing project with an MQ-3 sensor and Arduino allows for accurate alcohol concentration monitoring in environments like bars and factories. The MQ-3 sensor’s high sensitivity to alcohol,

Arduino Temperature Alarm Project
Arduino Temperature Alarm Project

This Arduino temperature alarm project effectively demonstrates how to create a practical temperature monitoring system. By utilizing the LM35 temperature sensor and a buzzer, it warns users with an audible

LED Blinking S.O.S Signal with Arduino
Simulating an LED Blinking S.O.S Signal with Arduino

This Arduino project demonstrates how to create the internationally recognized Morse code distress signal “S.O.S” using an LED. By controlling the LED’s duration of illumination, it represents the pattern of

Arduino Breathing LED Project
Arduino Breathing LED Project

A breathing light is an LED lighting effect that simulates the human breathing process, gradually increasing or decreasing in brightness within a specific cycle. This project can be achieved through

arduino vibration sensor
Arduino Vibration Sensor Project

This Arduino project employs a vibration sensor, ball switch, and LED to detect tilt or collision events. The LED lights up when vibrations occur and turns off afterward. By connecting

arduino smart robot car
Arduino Smart Robot Car DIY Tutorial

In this project, TechSparks will use Arduino to create a smart car project that can achieve Bluetooth remote control, obstacle avoidance, and line tracking functions. We will showcase the required

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