Do you know what is an Arduino? This is an open-source electronics platform used to help electronics enthusiasts build various interactive electronics projects. In this blog category you’ll find a wide variety of Arduino-based electronics projects. Whether you’re a hobbyist, beginner, student or even an engineer, you’ll find some inspiration here!

How to Enable Multi-Core on ESP32 Microcontroller
How to Enable Multi-Core on ESP32 Microcontroller

This comprehensive guide elucidates the process of enabling multi-core functionality on the ESP32 microcontroller, leveraging its dual-core architecture for enhanced parallel processing capabilities. Through detailed steps and code examples, developers

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using LVGL with ESP32
A Step-by-Step Guide to Using LVGL with ESP32

This guide illustrates how to integrate LVGL with the ESP32, enabling the creation of engaging graphical user interfaces for embedded systems. By configuring libraries and writing code, developers can enhance

Arduino MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor Project
Arduino MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor Project

Creating an alcohol sensing project with an MQ-3 sensor and Arduino allows for accurate alcohol concentration monitoring in environments like bars and factories. The MQ-3 sensor’s high sensitivity to alcohol,

Arduino Temperature Alarm Project
Arduino Temperature Alarm Project

This Arduino temperature alarm project effectively demonstrates how to create a practical temperature monitoring system. By utilizing the LM35 temperature sensor and a buzzer, it warns users with an audible

LED Blinking S.O.S Signal with Arduino
Simulating an LED Blinking S.O.S Signal with Arduino

This Arduino project demonstrates how to create the internationally recognized Morse code distress signal “S.O.S” using an LED. By controlling the LED’s duration of illumination, it represents the pattern of

Arduino Breathing LED Project
Arduino Breathing LED Project

A breathing light is an LED lighting effect that simulates the human breathing process, gradually increasing or decreasing in brightness within a specific cycle. This project can be achieved through

arduino vibration sensor
Arduino Vibration Sensor Project

This Arduino project employs a vibration sensor, ball switch, and LED to detect tilt or collision events. The LED lights up when vibrations occur and turns off afterward. By connecting

arduino smart robot car
Arduino Smart Robot Car DIY Tutorial

In this project, TechSparks will use Arduino to create a smart car project that can achieve Bluetooth remote control, obstacle avoidance, and line tracking functions. We will showcase the required

Simple Arduino UNO Projects
6 Simple Arduino UNO Projects

This article introduces six beginner-friendly projects for Arduino UNO, a popular microcontroller board. These projects cover a range of applications, from marquee lights and stepper motor control to ultrasonic ranging,

arduino tea maker
Arduino-Based DIY Tea Maker Project

This DIY project introduces an Arduino-based smart tea maker that combines mechanical and electronic control for automated tea brewing. It uses multiple Arduinos, servos, and sensors to handle tasks like

Arduino Proximity Detector Project
Arduino Proximity Detector Project

This Arduino project utilizes the Keyes Infrared (IR) Proximity Sensor Module to create a proximity detector. When an object is detected within a certain range, an HW-480 Red/Green 2-Colour LED

Arduino DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Project
Arduino DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Project

This project demonstrates the construction of a simple thermometer using an Arduino and a DS18B20 digital temperature sensor. The temperature data is displayed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit on a

what is an arduino
What is an Arduino?

Discover the wonders of Arduino, an open-source electronics platform that simplifies electronic design and empowers people to create their own projects. From mesmerizing LED displays to intelligent home automation systems,

DIY Touch-Activated LED Project
Arduino Touch-Activated LED Project

This article showcases a beginner-friendly project that utilizes Arduino and touch-sensitive technology to control LED lights. The project involves building a simple circuit and programming the Arduino board to detect

Heart Rate Monitor Project
Homemade Arduino Heart Rate Monitor Project

Looking for a simple and efficient way to monitor your heart rate? Check out our latest project: the Arduino Heart Rate Monitor. With this easy-to-use device, you can keep track

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