List of Leading Flex PCB Manufacturer in the USA

As electronic complexity increases and the use of microelectronics grows, traditional PCB may become inadequate, requiring the power of flexible PCB that can bend and adapt to different shapes and sizes. However, in contrast, flexible PCB manufacturing is more challenging. Therefore, you may need a more specialized manufacturer. If you are looking for this service in the United States, this article will greatly benefit you. TechSparks will recommend the top US flexible PCB manufacturers specializing in producing complex circuits to meet the demands of modern technology.

Flex PCB, Ltd. website page

Flex PCB, Ltd.

EMS manufacturer address: California, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone :  888-397-9545

  EMS manufacturer website :

Flex PCB, Ltd. has been a reliable and experienced USA PCB manufacturer of flexible circuit since 1980. With their manufacturing plants, customers can benefit from competitive prices without any middlemen. Their advanced equipment and project locations in China and the US allow for quick turnaround times and personalized delivery locations. Flex PCB, Ltd. has independent technical, engineering, procurement, and customer service departments that work together to provide high-quality manufacturing services. Additionally, they offer flexible PCB assembly and use polyimide, a highly durable and flexible material, for their FPC. Choose Flex PCB, Ltd. for your FPC needs and experience the benefits of their expertise and quality services.

ItemFlexible PCBRigid-flexible PCB
Base Panel
Board Size250mm x 400mm100mm x 100mm
Line Width/Space.003″ (0.07mm).003″ (0.07mm)
Copper Thickness1/2 oz. and higher1/4 to 1/2 oz.
Board Layers<10<4
Hole Size
Minimum Drill Hole Diameter.008″ (0.2 mm).006″ (0.15 mm)
Minimum Via (Laser) Size5 mil (0.15 mm)1 mil (0.025 mm)
Minimum Micro Via (Laser) Size3 mil (0.07 mm)1 mil (0.025 mm)
Stiffener MaterialPolyimide / FR4 / MetalPolyimide / FR4 / Metal
Shielding MaterialCopper / Silver Ink / Tatsuta / CarbonCopper / Silver Ink / Tatsuta / Carbon
Tooling Tolerance2 mil (0.05 mm)1 mil (0.025 mm)
Zif Tolerance2 mil (0.05 mm)1 mil (0.025 mm)
 Solder Mask 
Bridge Between Dam5 mil (0.13 mm)4 mil (0.11 mm)
Registration Tolerance4 mil (0.11 mm)4 mil (0.11 mm)
Coverlay Registration8 mil (0.20 mm)5 mil (0.13 mm)
PIC Registration7 mil (0.18 mm)4 mil (0.11 mm)
Solder Mask Registration5 mil (0.13 mm)4 mil (0.11 mm)
Minimum Height35 mil (0.89 mm)25 mil (0.64 mm)
Minimum Width8 mil (0.20 mm)6 mil (0.15 mm)
Minimum Space8 mil (0.20 mm)6 mil (0.15 mm)
Registration+/- 5 mil (0.13 mm)+/- 5 mil (0.13 mm)
Impedance+/- 10%+/- 10%
SRD (Steel Rule Die)
Outline Tolerance5 mil (0.13 mm)2 mil (0.051 mm)
Minimum Radius5 mil (0.13 mm)4 mil (0.11 mm)
Inside Radius20 mil (0.51 mm)10 mil (0.25 mm)
Punch Minimum Hole Size40 mil (1.02 mm)31.5 mil (0.80 mm)
Tolerance of Punch Hole Size+/- 2 mil (0.051 mm)+/- 1 mil (0.025 mm)
Slot Width20 mil (0.51 mm)15 mil (0.38 mm)
Tolerance of Hole to Outline+/- 3 mil (0.07 mm)+/- 2 mil (0.051 mm)
Tolerance of Hole Edge to Outline+/- 4 mil (0.11 mm)+/- 3 mil (0.07 mm)
Minimum of Trace to Outline8 mil (0.20 mm)5 mil (0.13 mm)
Qflex Inc. Home Page

Qflex Inc.​

EMS manufacturer address: California, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone :  +1(714)-664-0101

  EMS manufacturer website :

Q-Flex, a leading flexible circuit board manufacturer in the US since 1998, boasts an 18,000 square foot factory and a team of 18 well-trained technicians with advanced manufacturing equipment. They have a global reach and specialize in producing eco-friendly, lead-free products that cater to the medical, aerospace, and defense industries. With R&D and prototyping capabilities, Qflex can produce flexible circuits from 1-88 layers, and their clients include NASA, JPL, Boeing, and SpaceX.

Manufacturable TypesFlexible
Reverse Bare
Flying Leads (Unsupported leads)
Available MaterialAcrylic / Kapton (UL 94 V 1)
Modified Acrylic / Kapton (UL 94 V 0)
Butyral Phenolic / Kapton ( UL 94 V 1)
Butyral Phenolic / Upilex ( UL 94 V 1)
Flexible Epoxy / Kapton (UL 94 V 0)
Ohmega / Kapton
Adhesiveless Kapton
Sputtered Copper
Cast Polyimide
Coated Polyimide
Test MethodX-Ray
Cross Sections
Optical Inner Layer Inspection
Net List Testing
Dimensional Analysis
XRF reports
Special CraftElectroless Tin
Silver Epoxy Shielding
Heat Sink Bonding
Zero Flow Lamination
Immersion Gold / Nickel
Selective Gold / Solder
Bright Tin
High Precision True Position Tolerances
Selective Pad Plating
Volume Production With 5 micron copper
Proprietary Ultra Flex Process
Delivery AbilityFast Turnaround Flex PCB Prototyping: 1-2 days
Standard Prototyping: 2-5 days
Small batch manufacturing (15-150 units): – 1-4 weeks
Mid-volume manufacturing (150-10k units): – 2-4 weeks
High Volume Per schedule

Rush Flex PCB

EMS manufacturer address: California, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone :  +1 408-496-6013

  EMS manufacturer website :

Through our investigation, we found that Rush Flex PCB is actually Rush PCB. While they may not be dedicated American flexible PCB manufacturers, they offer a wide range of service offerings and advanced technical capabilities. Rush PCB provides various material options to ensure that they meet diverse customer requirements. One of the most noteworthy aspects is their comprehensive turnkey services, covering everything from design to assembly.

In terms of quality, Rush PCB holds multiple significant quality certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 13485, J-STD-001, and IPC-A-610E. Their engineers review the entire project, actively engaging in the process and providing valuable professional support, contributing to the entire development process.

Layer Counts2L6L
Thickness (min)0.008″+/-0.002″0.006″+/-0.002″
Board Size7″*13″7″*21″
Trace/ Space0.005″/0.005″0.002″/0.002″
Pad Size0.012″0.008″
Pad to Copper0.005″0.004″
Hole Size (min)0.004*+/-0.002″0.003″+/-0.002″
Via Land0.005″0.004″
Hole to Board Edge0.015″0.010″
Dim (SM to SM)0.01″0.005″
SM to Copper0.015″0.005″
SM ColorYellowYellow
Routing Tol+/-0.006″+/-0.002″
Flexible Circuits, Inc. website page

Flexible Circuits, Inc.

EMS manufacturer address: Pennsylvania, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone :  (215) 343-2300

  EMS manufacturer website :

Since 1963, Flexible Circuits, Inc. has been a significant player in the field of flexible circuits. They offer professional design and manufacturing services, covering various circuit types, including Type I, Type II, Type III, Type IV, IPC6013, Mil-P-50884, and IPC6012 Type I, II, and III. This diversity and expertise enable them to meet a wide range of customer needs.

Compared to other American flexible PCB manufacturing companies, Flexible Circuits, Inc. is better suited for high-end projects. They have a strong focus on the military and aerospace industries, with over half a century of experience. This gives them a unique advantage in providing high-density and lightweight designs. Their specialized team employs parallel engineering methods and excels in military and aerospace equipment such as rockets, missiles, aircraft platforms, reinforced communication systems, and shipboard platforms.

Rigiflex Technology logo

Rigiflex Technology Inc.

EMS manufacturer address: California, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone :  (714) 688-1500

  EMS manufacturer website :

As electronic applications continue to grow in complexity, flexible PCBs are subjected to increasingly demanding working conditions. Consequently, reliability becomes the primary concern for manufacturers. In this domain, Rigiflex Technology, Inc. stands out with over 25 years of exceptional history, boasting state-of-the-art equipment and top-tier materials in its manufacturing facilities, offering customers outstanding manufacturing services.

Furthermore, Rigiflex holds qualifications such as registration with the Defense Trade Controls Office, compliance with ITAR M26780 and AECA standards, and military PCB manufacturing certification. These certifications not only signify the company’s excellent manufacturing capabilities but also reflect its strength in providing superior and reliable electronic solutions.

Standard Panel Size18″x24″
Copper Thickness0.5 oz. To 6.0 oz.
Board Thickness0.5mm~3.0mm (0.02″~0.12″)
Minimum Height35 mil (0.89 mm)
Minimum Width8 mil (0.20 mm)
Solder MaskWhite, Black, Blue, Green, Red
Legend/Silkscreen ColorBlack, White
Surface FinishingImmersion Gold, HASL, OSP
Layer1-20 Layers

MIL-PRF-55110, MIL-PRF-50884, MIL-PRF-31032

UL94V.0, IPC-6012,6013, ISO-9001, AS910

Turnaround TimesSingle-sided: 24 to 48 hours
Double-sided: 24 to 48 hours
Multilayers: 1 to 5 days
Minimum Drill (Mechanical) Hole Diameter.008″ (0.2 mm)
Minimum Micro Via (Laser) Size3 mil (0.07 mm)
Minimum Via (Laser) Size5 mil (0.15 mm)
Shielding MaterialCopper, Silver Ink, Tatsuta, Carbon
Uni-Flex Circuits, Inc. logo

Uni-Flex Circuits, Inc.

EMS manufacturer address: California, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone :  (408) 998-5500

  EMS manufacturer website :

As a company committed to providing high-quality craftsmanship and exceptional services, Uni-Flex Circuits, Inc. is a specialized manufacturer dedicated to flexible printed circuits. They can accept various forms of files and offer cost-effective interconnection solutions to their users. Their factory is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, equipped with advanced machinery to produce various types of flexible circuits, including single-sided, double-sided multilayer, dual-access, Wimpy, sculpture flex circuit, and more.

With their expertise and dedication, they can meet some of your needs in the shortest time, with some even completed within 24 hours. While this may seem incredible, their years of experience have equipped them with the ability to design and manufacture complete circuit solutions when feasible. Additionally, they can handle large-scale production, meeting the demands of thousands of products every month.

Feature Special ProcessStandard
Minimum Copper Trace/Space0.25 oz. (9 µm)0.001″/0.0015″0.0015″/0.002″
0.33 oz. (12 µm)0.0015″/0.0015″0.002”/0.002″
0.5 oz. (18 µm)0.002”/0.002″0.0025″/0.0025″
1 oz. (35 µm)0.003″/0.003″0.0035″/0.0035′
Minimum Via Hole DiameterNC Drill0.003″0.006″
UV Laser0.002″0.004″
Minimum Blind Via DiameterUV Laser0.004″0.006″
Layer to Layer Artwork RegistrationDouble Sided0.001″0.004″
Trace to Edge ToleranceNC RouteNA0.005″
UV Laser0.001″0.001″
Insulator Positional ToleranceCover Film0.001″0.003″
Minimum Cover Layer Opening0.5 mil (12 µm)0.0005″0.001″
1 mil (25 µm)0.001″0.002″
Cover Layer Adhesive Bleed0.5 mil (12 µm)0.0005″0.001″
1 mil (25 µm)0.001″0.002″
Minimum Cover Layer Webbing Width0.5 mil (12 µm)0.004″0.004″
1 mil (25 µm)0.006″0.006″
Flexible Circuit Technologies logo

Flexible Circuit Technologies (FCT)

EMS manufacturer address: Minnesota, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone :  888-921-6167

  EMS manufacturer website :

FCT is a globally leading circuit supplier, offering a wide range of products and services, including flexible circuits, rigid-flex circuits, flexible heaters, flat flexible cables, membrane switches, and plastic molded parts. With manufacturing facilities distributed across the United States, Canada, and China, their globalized manufacturing network positions them for a competitive edge over other American manufacturers, serving various industries such as medical, automotive, consumer goods, telecom/data, and industrial sectors.

The FCT team is composed of internationally recognized experts in flexible circuit applications and design. They deliver outstanding design services and comprehensive support to their clients. Actively engaging with IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries), they contribute to shaping and advancing industry standards within the electronics field.

ProductStandard Flex CapabilitiesAdvanced Flex Capabilities
Standard Panel Size9.85″(250mm)×15.75”(400mm)3.94″(100mm)x 3.94(100mm)
Line Width and Spacing.002″(50um)
Copper Thickness1/4 oz. Cu (9um) to 2oz. Cu (71um)1/4 oz. Cu (9um) to 1/2 oz. Cu (18um)
Layer Count102 typical, Max of 4
Via / Drill Size
Minimum Drill(Mechanical) Hole Diameter.006″(152um).004″(102um)
Minimum Micro Via (Laser) size.004″(102um).002″(50um)
Solder Mask
Solder Mask Dam (Web).003″(76um).002″(50um)
Solder Mask Registration Tolerance.003″(76um).001″(25um)
Shielding MaterialsCopper / Silver Ink / Shielding film / Carbon
Stiffener MaterialPolvimide / FR4 / Metal
Pl Stiffener  
Stiffener Registration.008″(203um).004″(102um)
FR4 Stiffener  
Stiffener Registration.006″(152um).004″(102um)
Minimum Height.032″(813um).020″(508um)
Minimum Width.006″(152um).0032″(81um)
Impedance+/- 10%+/- 10%
Hard Tooling Tolerance.002″(50um).002″(50um)
Zif Tolerance (Hard Tool, CMD,or Laser).002″(50um).002″(50um)
CMD Tolerance(Chem Mill Die).004″(102um).004″(102um)
Circuits Unlimited, Inc._ logo

Circuits Unlimited, Inc.

EMS manufacturer address: California, USA

  EMS Manufacturer Phone : (800) 341 – 3539

  EMS manufacturer website :

Circuits Unlimited specializes in providing high-quality circuit board solutions, with particular expertise in quick-turn rigid-flex and flexible PCBs. They are committed to delivering top-quality, domestically manufactured products for flexible circuit applications with stringent delivery timelines. They take pride in offering products made in the USA. Regardless of your specific circuit board needs, simply submit your Gerber files or get in touch with their customer service for a seamless experience.

Circuits Unlimited stands out in the industry due to their technical expertise, engineering support, procurement assistance, and exceptional customer service. They not only offer inventory management services but also provide convenient component sourcing, in-house assembly, and testing services. With in-house SMT capabilities, they can handle packages as small as 0402, focusing on turnkey assembly applications.

Why Choose Flexible PCB Solutions from the United States

While the electronics manufacturing industry has exhibited a global trend, gradually shifting towards Asian countries, starting from Japan and South Korea to China and now encompassing India and Vietnam, this trend’s changes have multiple reasons. On one hand, it’s due to the improving manufacturing capabilities and quality in Southeast Asian countries. On the other hand, it’s driven by the relatively lower labor costs in these regions. Therefore, seeking manufacturing services in the United States might require paying higher costs.

Why, then, would we recommend obtaining flexible PCB solutions from the United States?

The answer lies in the fact that the U.S. manufacturing industry has always been a leader in technological innovation. Concerning printed circuit board manufacturing, flexible PCB manufacturing processes are evidently more challenging. Flexible PCB use special flexible substrate materials that are thinner, more bendable, but also more susceptible to damage. Consequently, manufacturing flexible PCB demands higher technical requirements and quality control.

Firstly, flexible PCB manufacturing usually requires high-precision equipment, especially for cutting, drilling, and circuit control. This necessitates manufacturers to possess advanced equipment and impeccable processing capabilities. Secondly, developed countries like the United States have stricter standards for quality control, ensuring the reliability and performance of the manufactured flexible PCB.

Therefore, despite potentially higher costs, obtaining flexible PCB manufacturing services from the United States generally guarantees higher manufacturing quality and reliability, which can be crucial for certain critical applications.

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