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What is a diode
What is a Diode and What Is Its Purpose?

A diode is a key semiconductor in microelectronics, regulating one-way current flow. Beyond LEDs, diodes have diverse uses, like reverse polarity protection, transient protection, clamping, and voltage doubling. They play

Transmitting Raspberry Pi Video to PC via UDP
How to Transmit Raspberry Pi Video Frames to PC

This tutorial outlines transmitting Raspberry Pi video frames to a PC using the UDP protocol for remote monitoring. UDP is preferred for speed over data integrity. Optimization techniques like image

Raspberry Pi Obstacle Avoidance Car
Simple Raspberry Pi Obstacle Avoidance Car Project

The Raspberry Pi obstacle avoidance car project uses GPIO, Python, and network communication for a DIY robotics project. It employs ultrasonic sensors and motor modules for obstacle navigation, showcasing Raspberry

Automated Optical Inspection
What is Automated Optical Inspection

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is an essential technology in electronics manufacturing, ensuring precise defect detection. Integrated into the production line, AOI offers cost-effective solutions, reducing failure rates and enhancing efficiency.

Organic Solderability Preservative
OSP Surface Finish Guide

OSP (Organic Solderability Preservative) surface finish safeguards PCBs from oxidation and moisture during manufacturing, offering cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness. With its smooth coating, OSP provides excellent thermal shock resistance and

pcb drill
PCB Drilling Process Guide

This comprehensive guide explores the intricacies of the PCB drilling process, covering techniques such as CNC, laser, and manual drilling. It emphasizes the significance of hole types, including connection holes

flex pcb coverlay
Flex PCB Coverlay Guide to Assist You Apply It Better

This guide introduces coverlays for flexible PCBs, protective layers crucial for shielding against collisions and friction. It emphasizes polyimide’s key features—heat resistance, mechanical strength, and environmental resilience. Practical aspects, including

Raspberry Pi Servo Pan-Tilt Project with Remote Control
Raspberry Pi Servo Pan-Tilt Project with Remote Control

This Raspberry Pi project successfully integrates a servo pan-tilt module for remote control, allowing precise movement and positioning. The servo motor’s principles, Python control logic, and UDP-based remote control communication

THT technology
What is Through-Hole Technology (THT) in PCB

Through-Hole Technology (THT) in PCB assembly offers reliability, heat dissipation, and ease of replacement. Unlike surface mount technology (SMT), THT suits applications with high vibrations due to its robust connections.

how many transistors in a cpu
How Many Transistors in a CPU

Modern technology is intricately linked with computers, necessitating sophisticated algorithms to execute various tasks. The CPU, acting as the computer’s “brain,” is responsible for interpreting and executing instructions stored in

transistor parameters explained
Transistor Parameters and Their Characteristics

Transistors, vital in modern electronics, have key characteristics. Current gain factor (hFE) denotes amplification ability. Power dissipation (PCM) categorizes by power levels. Frequency characteristics (fT, fM) indicate performance across frequencies.

what is a transistor
What Is a Transistor and How Impact Electronic World

Transistors, crucial in electronics, serve as regulators, amplifiers, and switches. Evolving from early designs to silicon-based models, they drive device miniaturization. Integrated into IC chips, they enable fast computation and

list of operating systems for raspberry pi
9 Best Raspberry Pi Operating Systems

Raspberry Pi, known for versatility, offers diverse operating systems. Raspberry Pi OS is the official, optimized choice. Ubuntu has MATE and Server versions. LibreELEC is a lightweight media option. Kali

altium designer tutorial
How to Design PCB in Altium

Altium Designer emerges as a standout choice for PCB design, offering a robust set of features from a powerful component library to 3D visualization. The installation process is user-friendly, leading

raspberry pi setup
Raspberry Pi Initial Setup Guide

When conceiving an electronic project, the Raspberry Pi might be your ideal choice to embark on realizing your goals. Once you’ve purchased a Raspberry Pi and installed the supported operating

esp32 pinout
ESP32 Pinout Reference Guide

The ESP32 is a versatile microcontroller with extensive functionalities. Its pinout includes GPIO pins for digital, analog, and capacitive touch, PWM pins for precise control, I2C pins for communication with

pcb lamination process
Comprehensive Introduction to PCB Lamination Process

The PCB lamination process is crucial for multi-layer PCB, involving stacking, pre-pressing, lamination, and cooling. Materials like FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3, BT Epoxy Resin, and Polyimide are chosen based on project

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